Army-Kent State Game Blog

Army defeated Kent State on Saturday 17-14 in overtime. Here's the game blog by an Army fanatic.

1st quarter- Got a nice drive going to start. Viti's a bull. Crap, Army missed the field goal by a foot. A 6:46 fake field goal gets a touchdown for Kent State, KSU 7-0. Pass interference on KSU 15 yards helps. Nice run by Pevoto for a first down. Wesley McMahand to the goal line after 17-yard run! First touchdown of the 2006 season by Tony Moore. 7-7 end of first quarter

2nd quarter- Wow, nice stop by Craig on 3rd and inches. Another good run by Tony Moore to the KSU 30. Hill catches at the 15! Offense looks on track now. Plebe Moore to the 8! Moore TD! Nice call by Ross to go for it. Interception by Lowell Garthwaite! Everything is going right for Army now. Great run Jamal Robinson called back for holding. Oh No! the option falls apart there. Fumble but luckily the Cadets recover. Great tackle by DT John Wright! Pevoto intercepted by KSU with seconds left in the half. Army 14 Kent State 7 at the half.

3rd quarter- Cool! Big loss for Kent State. Option is not their game! Crap! Big sack of Pevoto by Kent State gives us 3rd and 21. Oh no! Now an interception. They are at our 15. Great goal line stand by our Cadets! The monster, Cason Shrode, gets the big hit for Army. Barrett Scruggs just killed the Kent State receiver! Kent State playing the field position game well. Still 14-7 Army but we are at our 1-yard-line. Nice Army drive to get out of bad field position.

4th quarter- Kent State is driving on us! Army had a decent drive going but now KSU is on the move. Oh, the Football Gods must be our side, Kent just missed chip shot field goal. Oh no! Their quarterback Julian Edelmen is eating our D alive. Twelve yards here, 10 yard there. Now we are tied 14-14 after he drills a pass to Pruden. How do we respond when the game is on the line? Three and out! Maybe Ross is just being careful not to give freebie to them. Hopefully we get another possession. We do but still nothing productive. Here we go: OVERTIME!

OVERTIME- We win the toss. They get the ball first. Wow! What a lucky break, Edelmen fumbles! Nice recovery by Garthwaite (he's a player). Now if we can just get a field goal we'll win. I don't think you'll see a pass on the Army possession. McMahand no gain! Not good. Good run by Pevoto, gets us to the 17. McMahand getting us centered for the field goal. Here comes Miller in for the kick. Prayers anyone? It's good from 36! Army wins!

Nice win by Army and head coach Bobby Ross. A 17-14 overtime win is always better for building team character than a 45-0 win.   A win like this will pay dividends later when games are on the line late. My player of the game? Lowell Garthwaite.  His interception and the fumble recovery in overtime were probably the difference for Army. 

Next up: a "home game" against Texas A&M. Top Stories