Army 2006 Report Card: Offense

Army's season-end report card is in and the grades aren't pretty. But what did you expect? The Black Knights, full of promise, finished the season with a disappointing 3-9 record and lost their fifth straight to Navy last Saturday. We start the proceedings with a look at the offense.


The grade: C-

The skinny: One of the biggest questions surrounding this season remains what happened to David Pevoto?

He was servicable, playing valiantly against Texas A&M and Baylor. Then, poof, he blew up. Pevoto finished the season with six touchdowns and 14 interceptions and may never start a game at Army again.

Carson Williams is the starter of the future. He had some rough games, finishing with Pevoto-like stats (four touchdowns, 10 interceptions), but he's still a baby-faced freshman. Williams doesn't get a pass next year and let's hope he doesn't need it.

The future: See Williams. Freshman Chase Prasnicki and Chip Bowden, who played quarterback for USMA Prep this year, are also options.

The offensive line

The grade: D

The skinny: The season got off to a bad start for the unit when Pete Bier and Dan Evans sat out the season-opener against Arkansas State due to an NCAA eligibility snafu created by an inquiry by Navy.

The unit returned all five starters from last year, but never meshed like many expected. Senior right tackle Jon Connon had the best year on the line for Army, again. He was a rock.

The future: Army returns up-and-coming left tackle Brandon Cox (sophomore) and center Trey Miranne (junior). Freshman Joe Muldoon (6-5, 274) should make a run at some position on the line.

Running back

The grade: C+

The skinny: Let's not forget Wesley McMahand is a sophomore and Tony Moore is only a freshman. Both had never taken a snap before this year. After a solid first half, McMahand and Moore's production went down. Chalk it up to fatigue. Junior fullback Mike Viti was a horse, an inspiration to his teammates and the fans. On his own, he gets a B+.

The future: The gang is all back and the youngsters have potential. But Army coach Bobby Ross might want to make an upgrade at the tailback spot. Patrick Mealy has played well at USMA Prep and maybe Ross can recruit a great running back.

Wide receivers and tight end

The grade: B

The skinny: Wasn't that a nifty touchdown by junior Jeremy Trimble against Navy last Saturday?

Trimble was solid all year, catching a team-high 52 passed for 532 yards and two touchdowns. He did a great job on punt returns. Let's not forget his gutsy counterpart, senior Walter Hill (30 catches, 314 yards, one touchdown). Imagine if these guys had a quarterback who could get them the ball more consistently?

Tim Dunn was solid at tight end, blocking well, and catching four touchdowns. We did expect more from junior Justin Larson. Maybe next year.

The future: As it stands, Army has no depth at wide receiver. Hopefully, junior Corey Anderson can step in for Hill next year. Watch out for sophomore Mike Evans at tight end. Top Stories