Interview: Army commit Jason Rothamel

Jason Rothamel is a talented defensive end prospect who has committed to Army. talked to Jason about why he chose Army and his on-the-field high school exploits.

Jason Rothamel profile When did you visit Army?

Jason Rothamel: Back in December for the official visit.


AS: How did that go?

JR: It went great.  Most all the coaches were there.  We talked to all of them and toured the campus.  We went out to dinner. It was fun.


AS: When did you decide you were going to Army?

JR: I decided maybe a couple weeks before the visit.  The trip was just to reinforce what I actually wanted to do.


AS: Had you ever been to West Point before?

JR: I went up there for a couple games but never toured.


AS: Did you grow up as an Army fan?

JR: Kind of.


AS: Did you talk to head coach Bobby Ross?

JR: He's really excited to have me there and he looked forward to meeting me.


AS: What position do you think they are going to play you at Army?

JR: They said they were going to play me at end.


AS: What were some of your senior statistics?

JR: 80 tackles, 9 sacks, a couple blocked field goals.  It was good; we made the playoffs for the first time in a couple years.


AS: Did you get any postseason honors?

JR: I got 1st team All-Conference and 1st team All-County.


AS: What other schools were talking to you?

JR: There was Akron.  I really wasn't pursuing any other schools.  I've had my heart set on going to Army for quite a while.


AS: Describe for us your most exciting play of the year?

JR: We played Warren Hills. In double overtime we were up by 6 points.  They were on 3rd and 10 at our 25 and I had a big sack and then the next play we knocked it down and we won. 


AS: How do you feel about someday playing in the Army-Navy game? 

JR: I'm really excited about that; It's a great tradition.   I can't wait to get out there.


AS: As you know, Army has lost a few in a row to Navy.  You'll probably be a part of the class that ends that streak of Navy wins. 

JR:  Yes, I hope so. Bobby Ross has done a good job of turning the program around.   It's headed in the direction we want. They have good things coming.


AS:  Are you going to the prep school are directly to the Academy?

JR:  I'm going to the prep school.


AS: What's your height and weight?

JR: I'm about 6 1/2 and 260.


AS: Forty speed?

JR: It's been up and down.  Before the season I was running a 4.9.  It's probably a 4.95.


AS: What your bench press?

JR: 350


AS: Squat?

JR: 580


AS: How you doing in the classroom?

JR: Good, good.  I've really picked it up lately. 


AS: Any of your family serve in the Army?

JR: Both my grandfathers were in.  One was in the Army and the other in the Marines.


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