Our take on the coaching staff

For all we know, new Army football coach Stan Brock could already have a new staff put together. After all, when formally accepting the job last Monday, Brock forgot one minor detail: He had already fired his offensive coordinator, Kevin Ross, who probably deserved a pink slip. So who else on the staff goes? Who stays? Here's what armysports.com thinks.

Wally Ake, secondary
He did a good job, considering his cornerbacks, including Sean Grevious and John Laird, were experienced.
They didn't get burnt as much as some expected, although, it would have been nice for them to challenge wide receivers more.
The verdict: He stays.

Dan Baranik, wide receiver/recruiting coordinator
Recruiting coordinators are traditionally held over on staffs, although, he could go somewhere else.
The verdict: He stays.

Tyree Foreman, running backs
Foreman is an energetic young coach and he did a good job with young backs Tony Moore and Wesley McMahand last season. No reason to let him loose.
The verdict: He stays.

Bruce Hardin, linebackers
It's not that he did a bad job, it's who is waiting in the wings. Ben Kotwica served as defensive coordinator for USMA Prep last season and did a great job.
This is a guy who can relate to recruits and players. He's young, played on Army's 10-2 1996 team and has seen combat overseas.
A no-brainer.
The verdict: Adios.

Justin Hardin, defense special teams
Will give the kid the benefit of the doubt. If Brock can, truly, use him, keep him.
The verdict: It's Stan the Man's call.

Clarence Holmes, defensive ends
Clarence, Clarence, Clarence. What was up with that pass rush last year? But Holmes has studs Victor Ugenyi and Ted Bentler to work with this fall. Give him another year.
The verdict: He stays.

Gary Miller, special teams
Kicker Austin Miller did the job last year. So did punter Owen Tolson and punt returner Jeremy Trimble.
The kickoff game had som low moments, but three out of four ain't bad.
The verdict: He's back.

John Miscianga, tight ends coach
Wasn't Tim Dunn's Army's offense for like two games this year? Just kidding. Coach Shags is solid.
The verdict: Shags is back.

John Mumford, defensive coordinator
He's done a good job and imagine if Army's opponents didn't almost always start in Black Knight territory.
This defense can do special things in 2007 and Mumford will be a big part of it.
The verdict: Back on staff for an eighth year.

Adam Waugh, safeties
He's good at what he does, just like his older brother, Tucker, a fine coach. Too bad he left the Academy after the 2004 for Stanford. We believe he's now unemployed.
The verdict: Adam is in.

Eddie Wilson, quarterbacks
We save the best for last. The best ribbing, that is. We've heard fans and parents complain about Wilson blasting his quarterbacks on the sidelines.
Sure, these are future soldiers, they should be able to take it, but was it really necessary. Quarterbacks Carson Williams and David Pevoto were two of the most underachieving players on the team last year.
It wasn't their fault. It was a combination of Bobby Ross, Kevin Ross and Eddie Wilson.
The verdict: Gone.

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