Inside the Army quarterbacks

Quarterback David Pevoto flopped last season. Carson Williams wasn't much better, but let's cut him some slack, he was only a freshman. There are no free passes this fall and if the pair play like last year, new Army coach Stan Brock and offensive coordinator Tim Walsh might need a shrink when the season is over.

Let's break down Army the quarterback situation, reserves included, and look at who has the best shot at winning the job.

The candidate: Carson Williams
Odds to win the job: 3-1
The skinny: It probably will help Williams that former quarterbacks coach Easy Eddie Wilson won't spend half of practice yelling at him.
That's exactly what any freshman, fresh off of Beast Barracks anyway. But enough of bashing Wilson, at least, for now. On to Kevin Ross.
Williams should also benefit from the absence of Ross' lame play-calling. What really matters is that Williams has improved and should do better with Walsh and his innovative ideas.
Let's just hope the kid gets a running game to back him up.

The candidate: David Pevoto.
Odds to win the job: 7-1
The skinny: Best-case scenario for him is that  he gels with the new offensive staff and things get clicking for him.

Pevoto proved last year he wasn't quite ready to be a starter, but with Wilson and Kev Ross in the fold, maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt, too. Needs to improve on his footwork 
Expect to see Pevoto as a backup to .Williams but with the new staf who knows what can happen

The candidate: Kevin Dunn
Odds to win the job: 13-1
The skinny: Too bad Army isn't running the option like it should be. Dunn could be the guy.
But seven years of futility hasn't made the hard-headed officials at West Point see the light. Let's plug forward with a pro-style offense and watch our bitter rival, Navy, rack up rushing yards and wins.
Back To Dunn, give him a good shot to beat out Pevoto for the starting job.

The candidate: Chase Prasnicki
Odds to win the job: 20-1
The skinny: Former Army coach Bobby Ross raved about the kid. But he isn't seasoned.
Maybe the next time he's home in Lexington, Va; he can check in on Bobby Ross.

The candidate: Chip Bowden
Odds to win the job: 25-1
The skinny: Maybe if is uncle, Bobby, makes a phone call. Just kidding, Chip isn't related to the Florida State coach.
Bowden did a fine job at USMA Prep school last fall, but there is no way he's making a run at the starting job. Maybe a quarterback of the future? Top Stories