Don't count David Pevoto out

Many Army fans might have already written quarterback David Pevoto off after last season. Let's be honest, the kid struggled. But he may be the guy to watch during preseason because there is nobody on the roster that has more to prove than Pevoto. It's way too early to write Pevoto off.

Why? He's like just like every Army cadet. Pevoto is strong, proud and now he has something to prove.

First, of course, Pevoto, who will be a senior this fall, has to beat out sophomore Carson Williams for the starting job. Williams has the edge, but by no means does he have the job won. Even if Williams wins the job, Pevoto may get a few opportunities.

He has to be looking at any kind of shot at redemption. In his first season as starter, Pevoto threw just six touchdowns and 14 interceptions for 1,012 yards last year. He was benched in favor of Williams.

Pevoto's low point came against TCU when at halftime he was 0-for-5 on completions with no yards and two interceptions. Army lost 31-17 on its way to the lost second half of the season. It was ugly, but give Pevoto credit. He held his chin high and never complained. Pevoto did his best to help Williams out. When Pevoto got some chances later in games, he performed better than earlier in the season. Sure, the games were over, but you have to start somewhere. And remember, just a year ago, Army fans, including many fine gentleman on this board, and the media, liked Pevoto. We should keep in mind that, before last year, Pevoto had only played in one game.

That action came during the fourth quarter of a 47-13 loss to Connecticut on Oct. 1, 2005. He completed 6-of-12 passes for 68 yards, with an interception that Anthony Rouzier returned 51 yards for a touchdown.

There are still many positives about Pevoto. He can take a hit. He can take an underdog down to San Antonio and almost beat Texas A&M. As a matter of fact, if only former coach Bobby Ross called for a Pevoto bootleg on the final play of the game.......

Pevoto's broad chest, big shoulders and chiseled biceps make him a dead-ringer for prospects that powers such as USC and Miami fawn over, yet Louisiana Lafayette was the only other Division I school to recruit him out of Colleyville High in Texas. Now, Pevoto has to play the part of the stud. He's thrown a lot during the offseason inside the sparkling Foley Athletic Center at West Point and has gotten better.

We all need to give Pevoto another shot. It's still too early to write him off. Top Stories