Army Football: 10 things to look forward to

Here we are in July, of course, then comes August. Next thing you know, our Army Black Knights will be on the field Sept. 1 for the 2007 season-opener against Akron in Cleveland. We know you fans are getting antsy. It's almost time boys, and girls, almost. For now, we look forward at 10 things to look forward this season.

1. The bowl game: That's right, a bowl game! Army plays Akron in the newly created Patriot Bowl, an annual college football game featuring a Mid-American Conference (MAC) University from Ohio and one of the three service academies – Army, Navy or Air Force. Maybe Army can play another bowl game around Christmas.

2. Pure beauty: Can anyone else think of a better place to spend a crisp fall Saturday than Michie Stadium. It really doesn't get any better than that. The tailgating, the foliage, the views, Lusk Reservoir, the Corps of Cadets. The view will be a nicer with a few Army wins.

3. Another shot at Air Force: We beat them in Colorado Springs two years ago and we can beat them again. Who wants to wait another 20-something years for a win at Air Force, anyway. And we don't want to hear any predictions from Shaun Carney.

4. Beat Navy: It's about time. Let's get this straight: We aren't making any predictions here. We don't want to add any fuel to Navy's fire. The Midshipmen have beaten Army five years in a row by a combined score of 202-68. Still, we can hope for a win.

5. Stan's first stand: We've bantered back and forth about Stan Brock's hiring went down in January. Most people on this board think it's a bad call, after all, he's never even been a coordinator on the Division I level. But this is his chance to shine. Show us what you got, Stan.

6. H-e-e-e-e-e-r-e's Carson: The kid deserves a mulligan for last year and we will keep off his back this year. He's only a sophomore, but like Brock, he has to show us something. And here is what we are looking forward to: Williams will show us something.

7. Laying the wood: Will it be Caleb Campbell? Or Jordan Murray? Maybe the up-and-comer Victor Ugenyi. But, oh, how we can't wait for the first Army player to lay out an opponent.

8. The Rutgers game: It's not every day a Heisman Trophy candidate, like Rutgers running back Ray Rice, comes to Michie. Even better, it's not every day we stuff a guy like Rice.

9. The super safeties: Campbell and Murray stalking in Army's secondary, making plays, making hits, intimidating opponents. They were supposed to be special last year, but both missed time due to injuries, and rarely played together.

10. Mr. Wrinkles: The new offensive coordinator Tim Walsh, AKA Mr. Wrinkles, promises, well, new wrinkles. We are dying to see what he breaks out because we all know this offense needs a jolt. Good luck, Tim! Top Stories