Army-Tulane Review

In a result you would normally need a mask and a gun to achieve, 4th quarter addition Kevin Dunn did his Doug Flutie impression, completing a last play hail-mary pass to tie and using scrambling ability in OT to lead the Cadets to a 20-17 stunner over Tulane Saturday night at Michie Stadium.

It sure didn't start out that way. The Army offense was as dismal as usual. The executed 1 TD drive, which has been the M.O. the last couple years. Continuing another troubling pattern, Army was unable to convert a 2nd and 1 situation 5 times in a row. Only once did they then convert on 3rd down. The BK's had no first down in the 3rd quarter, with the yardage gained in the single digits. Another mundane loss was on the horizon. A stampede of fans leaving highlighted the time between the 3rd and 4th quarters. Those who remained were either die-hard fans or too comatose to move. The seconds slowly ticked off the clock.

Suddenly, 3rd string QB Kevin Dunne entered the game. Had a light gone on in the coach's heads? Had they decided that they too had seen enough? No, Carson Williams had become woozy from the beating he'd been getting all evening. So Dunne was the next option.

And speaking of option, that's exactly what the O ran the first few plays, gladdening the hearts of us still wearing our kicking mule gear from the 80's and 90's. Backs were hitting the line quickly and Dunne supplied instant energy.

The hail-mary pass has been well documented, But equally impressive was the 3rd down scramble in OT that set up Owen Tolson with a much easier FG attempt. The change Dunne brought to the proceedings was immediate and game changing.

Having the lead in OT, the defense once again stepped up big, stopping Tulane stud Matt Forte on a 3rd and 1 situation which led to Tulane's game ending failed field goal attempt.

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Even though Tulane rang up over 400 yards for the game, half of it coming on Forte's relentless runs, again and again the D stood tall in clutch situations, forcing several punts that kept the team in the game and allowed them to come back and win. They have been a bend but not break defense at its finest.

So the question becomes now what ? With half the season now in the books, the offense has been moribund each week with no signs of improvement. Then enters someone who changes things immediately and inspires his team to victory. With an offense that has scored on less than 20% of its possessions, can coach Stan Brock go back to the tedium that has yielded little or go to someone who potentially can give his team their best shot at winning ?

The season may hang on his decision. Top Stories