Army-Central Michigan Review

Well, now it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Army has no quarterback capable of consistent performance in the current offensive scheme. Any doubt was erased in a 47-23 thrashing of the Cadets by CMU Saturday featuring more turnovers than your favorite bakery on a Sunday morning.

New Army folk hero Kevin Dunn, who emerged fron his phone booth to save the Black Knights bacon against Tulane, was passed over as the starter in favor of Carson Williams. Williams made a terrific throw to Corey Anderson for the Cadets for the first TD. It was the kind of throw that made you wonder if it were a "blind squirrel finds an acorn" moment or if this were the beginning of something good. Unfortunately, the passing attack reverted to an off balance QB running for his life, throwing into double and even triple coverage with the predictable resulting turnovers.

Enter Kevin Dunn. Dunn came in during the 2nd quarter and gave more zip to the attack. But those fans hoping for a change of pace with some option, rollouts and perhaps even a trick or two were instead treated to another QB trying to compete with a predictable, dull offense. It's difficult enough for Army receivers to gain separation. And the situation is much worse when the other guys know exactly what routes the Cadets run and when. So Dunn found himself throwing into the same coverage his predecessor saw with the same results. Williams returned in the 2nd half when things were out of hand.

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Why Dunn wasn't given a chance to succeed doing the things he does best is a sad commentary about the stubborness of this coaching staff. The "do it this way until we get it right" act hasn't worked for this coach as well as the last 2. At what point does someone say "enough" ? If not for the big day by Jeremy Trimble, this game would have been as bad as last year's Air Force game.

You have to feel bad for the Army defense. The BK's have been giving up yardage in huge chunks for weeks, but have been able to limit the damage on the scoreboard for the most part. No such luck Saturday. The offense's largess put the D on their heels frequently. CMU QB Dan LeFevour was a force with his arm and his legs. Tackling was very sloppy in the first half, reminding one of the bad old days of previous years. The lack of speed of the Back 7 was exposed. Coupled with the line's inability to generate any pressure on LeFevour, a disaster on the level of last year's Rice and Tulane games resulted.

This year's team is at a crossroad. Unless they spring an upset, they have won their last game. This coaching staff cannot treat this as a caretaker year, waiting for better times next year. There are too many Firsties on this squad that have suffered too many bad times to let this happen. Top Stories