Army overhauls future schedules

No more Georgia Tech's, Wake Forest's and Boston College's. Army's schedule is going to get a lot easier a lot quicker than fans expected. Last week, Army athletic director Kevin Anderson told the Times Herald-Record (Middletown, N.Y.) that he is removing some of the big boys from upcoming schedules to give the Black Knights' a better chance at winning. Good move.

Of course, Anderson upset some people on this board, by telling the newspaper: "We cannot continue to play teams that are in the Top 25 and outweigh us tremendously and play them week in and week out because our kids get beat up. Nobody wins from that and we can't be competitive. ... There's situations that we put them out there and it would take a tremendous effort from them to win and that's not what this program is all about."

Not exactly the best PR move, but it could have been worse. Anderson could have announced that Army is opening next season with road games at Ohio State, LSU and Oregon State. decided to put together a schedule that Army could play in upcoming years. Of course, Navy and Air Force aren't included, because they will always be there.

Yale: Army has already renewed its rivalry with the Ivy League school. Yale will travel to Army on Oct. 2, 2010, and Sept. 29, 2012. It is possible that the Cadets will come to the renovated Yale Bowl at some point after. This is certainly a winnable matchup for Army. But Yale is 8-0 this season.

Temple: Army is expected to play Temple three more times in the next five seasons. The Black Knights did the job against Temple earlier this season, defeating the Owls 37-21 at Michie Stadium on Sept. 29. After opening the season 0-5, Temple has won three out of its last four games. Still, this is a team Army should beat if it wants to be considered legit.

Pick the Patriot League team: Maybe it's Lehigh, Lafayette or Holy Cross. Well, not Holy Cross. Remember what happened at Michie Stadium back in 2002? Anyway, Army should and will likely schedule a Division I-AA team per season in the future.

Notre Dame: A great traditional rivalry to have on the schedule, maybe every three to five years. Army is 8-37-4 versus Notre Dame all-time. But the Black Knights might give Notre Dame a run these days.

Rice: A school with academic values similar to the Academy. Let's just hope Rice doesn't put another 48-14 whippin' on the Black Knights. Rice is 2-7 this season, certainly not the same team that smoked Army last year.

Texas: That's right bring on the Longhorns. Make it the one game per year against a superpower. It's always been said that Army does well recruiting in the Longhorn State. This is some good exposure. If not Texas, try the state of Florida. Take on Florida or Florida State.

Rutgers: The Scarlet Knights seem to be evolving into a perennial top 25 team. But Rutgers serve as a good regional matchup for the Black Knights. But maybe we should see how Army does against Rutgers on Friday night, before we pencil in the Scarlet Knights.

Other Big East options include Connecticut and Syracuse. Two Big East teams on the schedule per year could work.

Pick the MAC team: Army played Akron and Central Michigan this year, Kent State last year, and are expected to play Ball State next season. See Temple on this one. If Army wants to be looked at as legit, they should beat MAC teams, which are very competitive. Top Stories