Army-Air Force Review

Over the last decade, fans of Army football haven't seen much to excite them. Changes of philosophy, changes of coaches, winless seasons, stagnant offenses.

Brock Bottom

But the last couple years, things have been quite similar. Overtime wins leading to a 3-3 record both years have led to what has proved to be misplaced optimism. And now, barring a huge upset in Army's last 3 games, this program will lose 6 games in a row to end both seasons.

The defensive side of the ball has given up a ton of yardage all year. But in the last 3 games, tackling hasn't been as crisp and the team struggles to make the big stops at which they excelled earlier in the season. The line is starting to get pushed around and tackles for loss are way down. These guys have played tremendously hard all year and refuse to give in. But quick backs and receivers are giving them fits. Air Force's Chad Hall, Tulane's Matt Forte and Akron's Jabari Arthur have put up huge numbers.

Now, these things happen to many teams. Fortunately for most of them, the offense will pick up some of the slack and keep heads above water. But not the Black Knights. Army's offense, moribund all year, is heading straight to life support status.

It's painful to watch. The predictability and lack of imagination have been going on all year, especially in the 2nd half of games. Teams have figured out the BK's limited play book and all but slam the door completely shut. In most of life's endeavors, constant failure yields to accountability and change. Yet Stan Brock and his staff refuse to make changes and continue the same tired formula. It's a sad state of affairs when going into a shotgun formation once in a while is treated as a big deal. This lack of flexibility is not fair to Army fans or players. This is being treated as a throwaway year until others can be recruited, leaving the current players to bear the brunt of working very hard while showing little positive result. The coaching staff does not deserve a honeymoon year while making no change. Had change been promoted since Day 1, Army fans would have no problem with a bad year. After all, they're used to it.

Coach Brock said in last week's interview that the staff liked aspects of Air Force's offense and would study it for next year. Fans of the BK's hope that this staff lose the stubborness and study Air Force as well as many other schemes to give the players and fans what they deserve - a competative team that has a chance every time they play. Top Stories