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Coach Stan Brock and the Army coaching staff picked up another commitment for their 2008 recruiting class when quarterback Josh Jones decided that West Point was where he wanted to spend the next four years of his life. spoke with the 6-0, 190 pound signal caller to talk with him in-depth about his recent decision. Read inside for more details.

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Its official, Josh Jones will be heading to West Point to play for Army next season. Josh gives the Black Knights their sixth verbal commitment for their 2008 recruiting class. It all took place when a member from the Army coaching staff made a guest appearance at Josh's high school (Lee HS) approximately two weeks ago.

"The Coach (Adam Waugh) that recruits my area came down from West Point to visit my school a couple of Friday's ago," Josh said. "I made my decision right then. Coach Waugh seemed very happy when I told him. He stood up, shook my hand, and welcomed me to the family. He was very pleased."

Often times, programs tend to shy away from quarterbacks that are 6' and under. However, the Army coaching staff simply overlooked Josh's 6-0, 190 frame, and focus more on what he was capable of bringing to the field. Josh enlightened us on the unique skill set he brings to the table. "I can drop back; I can do a little shotgun, and a little option," Josh said. "I can pretty much do all of that. I think I would fit in really well with the program."

Although quarterback may be the position where Josh makes his mark, he informed of his versatility and athleticism on the field at several other positions. "I have been playing a lot of different positions on the field this season," Josh said. "But, I'm not exactly sure what kind of stats I have. I would probably say I have around 400-500 yards passing, 400 yards receiving, and about 300 yards rushing on the season." Josh thoroughly understands that the NFL is not promised to anyone, and that only a selected few make the cut. Therefore, he had no reservations in letting us know that education was his top priority upon choosing a school. "I didn't just want to go to school to play football and shoot for the NFL," Josh said. "I wanted to go to a school where I could get a good education in order to have a good life after college. Army just seemed like the place for me."

Josh hasn't taken his official visit to West Point as of yet, but intends to fairly soon. He is possibly looking at a date sometime during the month of December. Nonetheless, will keep you abreast on the latest news concerning the Baytown native.

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