Chad Littlejohn High on Army

FB/LB Chad Littlejohn has been diligently holding on to a scholarship offer from Army. However, from the sound of things, an offer from the Black Knights may be all the 6-1, 223 pound athlete needs. called up the "Lone Star State" prospect to get his latest thoughts regarding the Academy. How close is he to making a commitment to Coach Brock and the rest of the Army coaching staff?

"There's no school better than Army, especially when you're talking about academics," Littlejohn said in regards to the prestigious military school. "Not only that, but you also get the opportunity to learn about leadership. You get to learn about all the other things that you don't normally get at the other schools."

Littlejohn explains why the academy would be such a perfect fit for him, starting with academics.... "First of all, my grades are really good," Littlejohn said. "I have a 5.1 GPA, and I am ranked 25th in my class out of 866 students. I scored a 1640 on the SAT, and a 24 on the ACT." Chad goes on to mention why he would fit well into their program as a leader… "I've been the captain of the football team at Deer Park for two years," Littlejohn said. "From that, I feel like I possess great leadership skills."

Although Army may not be labeled as a powerhouse when it comes to football, there are several other factors that stand out to the young man from Deer Park, TX. "I know they may not have the best winning records/percentages or anything like that, but they have a lot of good athletes," Littlejohn said. "Everybody at Army is pretty much a good athlete, especially after going through the type of training that is involved."

It appears as if Chad is very close to pulling the trigger. However, he has managed to put a few other things into the forefront… "I am going to wait until the season is over," Littlejohn said. "I'm more concerned with playing the rest of this year out. I'm looking more towards making my decision sometime in January."

Littlejohn told that he has received quite a few phone calls from a couple of Ivy League programs. However, none of them have extended him an official offer as of yet. With Coach Adam Waugh (Safeties Coach at Army) staying on top of things, there could be very little to worry about. Coach Brock and Company could very well end up sealing the deal on another fine prospect from the state of Texas.

With Chad's favorite subjects being math and science, he'll more than likely major in Engineering. Needless to say, he shouldn't have any problems getting accepted into their engineering program with a 5.1 GPA… will continue to keep you posted on the latest news concerning the recruitment of Chad Littlejohn.

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