'02 team worse than '73 team?

The loss to Houston may have done more than just cost the Cadets a football win. It's very possible that with the loss Army is staring an 0-12 season straight in the face. Saturday's loss dropped Army to 0-7. The last time Army started a season with 7 straight losses was 1973. Richard Nixon was President, Watergate was in full swing and Vietnam was winding down. 1973 was also the last time Army finished a season without a single victory.

It's been a long time since there has been an Army team this bad. Could this 2002 football team be the worst team Army has ever fielded?

The 1973 team played a very tough schedule. Among the losses suffered by the team included losses to Cal, 51-6; Notre Dame, 62-3; Penn St., 54-3; and Navy 51-3. That team also fell to Tennessee, 37-18; Pitt, 34-0; and Air Force, 43-10. The team also faced Miami (Fla.) but it should be noted that this Hurricane team had not yet reached the national prominance that more recent Miami editions have enjoyed. The loss that doomed the Cadets to 0-10 was a 17-10 setback to Holy Cross (sound familiar?). Schedule wise after the loss to Holy Cross not much else is similar to that 1973 team's season schedule. Clearly the 2002 edition has a far easier schedule to deal with. Losses to Rutgers, 44-0 and Houston, 56-42 loss stand out. East Carolina, TCU and Southern Miss are no pushovers but they don't compare to the Notre Dame, Penn State, Tennessee or Pitt teams of the early 70s.

The 2002 team is on a collision course with infamy. Unless the players and coaches get something going soon they will have the dubious distinction of being members of the worst football team Army has ever fielded.

The Army skeptics are enjoying this dreadful 2002 season. Those who said that Army shouldn't be in Division I-A, the ones that said Todd Berry would fail, the ones that said Army should join the Conference USA. The 2002 team has them all looking like geniuses right now.

Incidentally, the head coach of the 1973 squad, Tom Cahill, would be relieved of his duties after that winless season. Cahill, to his credit, had led the Cadets to 5 winning seasons before the 0-10 debacle.

The team has a good opportunity this Saturday to get the zero wins monkey off their backs. A UAB team that lost to Tulane, 35-14, comes to West Point. Lets hope our Cadets take advantage of the opportunity.

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