5 suggestions for the Army offseason

Run the option, run Stan Brock out of town, run the table next season. Everyone seems to have a suggestion for the Army football team after another 3-9 season. The Black Knights' success in 2008 will depend a lot on what goes on during the offseason. We at ArmySports.com suggest five key areas to look at.

1. Let's start with the offense: If you think Army is going to run the option under Brock, you might want to get your head checked. Best case scenario, Brock rolls out some half-baked version of the scheme, just like Bobby Ross did. The spread option rumor sounds far-fetched, but it would be great if the Black Knights could run it. It just doesn't seem doable at this point.

So let's hope Brock and offensive coordinator Tim Walsh can develop a running game with their two-back system. Ross did it his first two years (2004-05), though Brock doesn't have Carlton Jones at his disposal.

On the bright side, running back Tony Dace had a good game against Navy. Tony Moore should return next year.

2. Get Carson corrected: Or he's got to go. If Carson can't get the job done, Brock has to go in a different direction under center. Paging, Chip Bowden. Some on the board have given up on Williams, some haven't. But it's make or break time for the rising junior. He has an entire winter to develop his game and, hopefully, he can make a leap. Yes, Williams looked bad much of last season.

However, Tulsa wasn't a fluke. Williams has something in him.

3. Smarter scheduling: Sure, athletic director Kevin Anderson problem didn't need to go into the whole non-competitive bit when he announced that Army has backed out of its game with Georgia Tech next year. But cut Anderson a break. He was being honest, maybe a little too honest. But Anderson is expected to make the schedule even easier before 2008 rolls around. Good for him and the Black Knights. Army needs a chance and when it gets one the Black Knights will have a legit shot at rebuilding this thing. Bring on Columbia, Yale, Temple and any Patriot League team who wants some.

4. Finding a body at WR: Williams better improve, he doesn't have the luxury of Jeremy Trimble next season. Trimble is graduating. So are wide receivers Corey Anderson and Elliott Emerich. Let's not forget, Williams' second favorite target, tight end Justin Larson, is also moving on. That leaves Williams only one experienced wide receiver to throw to, junior Mike Wright. Can we make a suggestion? Brock might have to find a good athlete and move him to wide receiver. Hopefully, sophomore Damion Hunter can come on at WR.

5. Setting up the secondary: Too bad Williams can't play for the other team. He might have finally met the secondary he can tear up. Just kidding! Army loses strong safety Caleb Campbell, free safety Jordan Murray and cornerback Kevin Opoku. Only junior cornerback Josh Mitchell returns. Expect talented freshman Jordan Trimble to step in for Opoku and make an immediate impact. The safety positions might be an issue. Time to think up possibilities now, which Brock and is staff is most certainly doing.

Let's not forget: Punter/placekicker Owen Tolson graduates. Adam DeMarco is the favorite to follow Tolson at kicker and Andrew Rinehart is the guy at punter. Both are juniors.

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