Bob Sutton may leave Jets

Former Army coach Bob Sutton, now the Jets' defensive coordinator, could become available soon. Last week several newspapers in New York City were reporting that Sutton might be fired after the season-finale against Kansas City.

"Obviously, this year, it's not good enough," Sutton told Newsday. "I don't think any of us are happy or pleased with where we're at."

Twice in two years, the Jets' defense has undergone a major midseason overhaul, and most credit the direction of head coach Eric Mangini for those changes. The Jets are ranked 22nd in overall defense after being 30th in the league after their Week 10 bye. The rumor is that Mangini could go after his good friend, Bob Ryan, the Raiders' defensive coordinator.

Now, for some Army rumors. It's unlikely that Sutton would return to Army to coach, but, hey, you never know. One thing's for sure, Sutton's 44-55-1 record over 11 years (1989-1999) at West Point looks good now, even though some fans gripe about it. Army hasn't had a winning season since his departure and is 17-76 in those eight years.

Let's not forget, Sutton could run the wishbone. 44-55-1 never looked so good. Top Stories