Caleb Campbell interview: Part II

Growing up in tiny Perrytown, Texas, people told Caleb Campbell he couldn't play Division I football. Only two Division I schools, Army and Tulsa, recruited Campbell. But he proved everyone wrong, starring at West Point for four years, dealing out big hits in the Black Knights' secondary.

Campbell ends his career 10th all-time in Army history with 307 tackles, adding six interceptions, nine pass break-ups, six forced fumbles and one fumble recovery.

Back home, they never gave Campbell a shot at one of his other dreams, playing in the NFL. Well, guess what? Campbell is headed to next month's NFL combine and is expected to be selected in April's NFL draft.

Campbell made it with hard work and dedication. The naysayers just made him work harder, gave him more motivation. Campbell is ferocious as we find out in Part II of our interview with him. Good luck, Caleb. You have made us all proud and we can't wait to watch you play on Sundays.

How excited are you about the NFL combine?

Campbell: I'm really excited, really, really excited. I know (former Army defensive lineman) Clarence Holmes was invited, he didn't go. Army didn't let him go, I might be the first Army player that I know from West Point to go to the combine. It's a great opportunity for me to represent Army football and shine. Show that the United States Military Academy can produce athletes. It will help our recruiting in the future and I'm anxious to go out there and do well. I'm pretty sure (Army punter) Owen Tolson got invited, too. So that's good.

Is there any one player you will be interested in seeing at the combine?

Campbell: (Arkansas running back) Darren McFadden. I'd like to see him. I'd like to see that kid perform.

Ever think about what NFL team you would like to play for?

Campbell: I get that question a lot. Any team that picks me up I will be more than happy to play with. I'd like to play in warm weather, anywhere warm, basically. It's just another day to play a great game. Line me up anywhere, I will be thrilled to play on that team.

Being from Texas, how about the Cowboys?

Campbell: Oh, yeah. That would be great. Maybe (Dallas quarterback) Tony Romo could hook me up with Jessica Simpson's sister.

Everyone watches the NFL Sunday. Have you thought what it will feel to be a part of that?

Campbell: It's an awesome feeling. This is my goal to be in this position. I had four successful seasons of college football, me personally. I want to take it to the next level. From here on out, I look at it as a bonus, and I'm going to work hard to make it. Whenever I think about it, something I've worked for my entire life, I get goosebumps.

It must feel great, considering a lot of people said you couldn't do this.

Campbell: That gave me all the more motivation and now that I have a shot at it, to put myself in that position, I'm like 'Wow.' It's a great feeling knowing that I can represent my hometown and Army. It's a great feeling to be able to do so much, what God's blessed me to do.

What are some of your inspirations?

Campbell: It's kind of an inner drive. Just like, a pride thing, an inner voice that tells me how far can I go. How far can I push myself. I want to see how good of a football player I can be when all I'm surrounded by is football. I played four years of college football, but I was surrounded by West Point. There's a lot of stuff going on at West Point that doesn't really help my game. I want to see how good can I be, how great can I be. That inspires me to get to the next level. Top Stories