Nick Green: Impressed With Army, Part II

This is part II of our exclusive report on Nick Green's visit to West Point. Look inside for full details of his visit.

Nick recently traveled through the airways to West Point to check out Coach Brock and Company for his official. After the visit, the 6-3, 205 pound QB came away with nothing but great things to say regarding what the Black Knights had to offer. In the last part of our two part series, Green talks about his official visit in-depth. Read inside to find out what he had to say about the program.

After taking his official visit to Army, Nick came away thoroughly impressed with what he saw. There were several aspects about the prestigious program that stood out to him.

"The thing that I was impressed about the most was the history of the school, all of the benefits that you can get from going to a military school," Nick said. "The facilities were probably some of the nicest facilities that I have ever seen at any college. Their weight room is just phenomenal. Everything up there was just top of the line."

Despite a great visit to West Point, the Black Knights did not come away with a commitment from Green. He told that he would like to make a few more rounds to test the waters a little more. The talented quarterback mentioned the possibilities of visiting Northern Arizona, Idaho State, Montana State, and the Air Force Academy.

"It is kind of hard for me to make a decision right now because I haven't been on any of my other visits," Nick said. "But, it's going to be really hard for the other schools to top Army. Right now Army is definitely one of my top choices. But I am going to go on my other visits to see how the other schools compare to them."

As the clock continues to tick toward February 6th, Nick will continue to take his visits and gather information on the schools of his choice. He will continue to look for the program that is going to suit his criteria. With that being said, what is it really going to come down to for the quarterback to make a decision that he feels comfortable with?

"It's going to come down to how well I like the school's coaching style, especially the quarterbacks coach," Nick said. "Whenever I get to sit down and talk football with the coaches on my next trips, I will definitely want to know how they coach, what their system is, and how their system works. This will definitely play a big part in my decision."

So, what's your take on things Army fans? Do you feel like we have a legitimate shot? Well, as we continue to get closer to the big day, we will continue to stay on top of Nick Green's recruitment. Continue to keep it locked right here with us as we continue to bring you the best recruiting coverage regarding the Central Catholic High standout. Top Stories