Army should consider the MAC

It's time for Army to make another conference call. The Black Knights should join the Mid-American Conference. Here's five reasons why:

1. It would make things a lot more interesting for fans. Imagine how fun it would be tracking Army in a conference and this isn't Conference USA. The Black Knights could have a chance in the MAC (more on that later). Army went 9-40 during its brief stint in CUSA.

Bottom line, independent status is great, especially when it meant leaving C-USA. We know Army has done it for 100 years. But it can get a little boring.

2. The schedule would be more flexible than people think. Say Army plays a 12-game slate. They have eight MAC games and four to play with. Of course, Navy and Air Force takes up two games. With the two left over, you schedule a I-AA team and a I-A chump. Or two flashy opponents. Yes, in the past, Army has played a national schedule. Giving up that smorgasbord of teams will be tough to lose.

But even in, say, Notre Dame's current state, it would be hard for Army to hang with them.

3. Army already has a good relationship with the MAC. Army and Akron played in the first-ever Patriot Bowl this season. The bowl game will be played annually at Browns Stadium and will match a team from the Mid-American Conference against one of the service academies, Army, Navy or Air Force.

More MAC schools are appearing on Army's schedule. The Black Knights played Akron, Temple and Central Michigan this year and Kent State last year. Army took on Central Michigan and Akron in 2005. More MAC teams are rumored to be scheduled for the 2008 campaign.

4. Like we mentioned, Army can compete in this league. As a matter of fact, if the program is where it should be, it could make a run at the MAC title. The Black Knights beat Kent State 17-14 in overtime in 2006.

This year, they lost to Akron, a game they could have won. Army beat Temple. Let's face it: Central Michigan blew their doors off. Going back to '05, Army shutout Akron and lost a heartbreaker to Central Michigan.

5. It makes sense geographically: Central Michigan is a lot closer that Texas Christian University. Akron is a more convenient trip than South Florida, although South Beach is a much better locale. Get the point.

Finally, a look at what Army's schedule could look like in the MAC's West Division.

Lafayette (or substitute with Notre Dame type)
Rice (or substitute with Rutgers type)
Ball State
Eastern Michigan
Northern Illinois
Western Michigan
Air Force
Northern Illinois
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