Littlejohn reflects commitment to Army

Chad Littlejohn is part of what is figuring to be one to the top Army recruiting classes in recent years. Littlejohn, a future Army fullback, talked to about what attracted him to West Point.

Chad Littlejohn Q&A 

SM: How was your visit to West Point?

CL: It was great… I was really impressed with the visit, I liked it a lot. 

SM: What stood out to you the most in regards to the visit?

CL: The coaching staff and their family. Basically the coaching staff and their families really know how to take care of their players. They make you feel like you're all one big family. I like that a lot.  

SM: What did you think about the athletic facilities?

CL: Their athletic facilities are unbelievable; they are out of this world. It was probably the best thing I've ever seen. 

SM: What were some of the things that really impressed you about Army and led you to commit?

CL: The coaching staff was  big part and the fact that is was such a prestigous school.

SM: How does Army plan on using you?

CL: As a fullback.

SM: Which Army coach recruited you?

CL: Coach Waugh.

SM: Will you be a direct admit or go to prep school?

CL: Direct admit.

SM: Do you think you will see any playing time as a freshman?

CL: Hopefully on special teams.

SM: Did you get any honors after your senior season?

CL: I made first team all-district at linebacker


Note: Chad is carrying a 5.1 GPA, and is ranked 25th in his class out of 866 students. Top Stories