Interview: Paul McIntosh

Quarterback Paul McIntosh, Indiana's Mr. Football, has Army fans buzzing. They should be excited, because, McIntosh is a stud. McIntosh led Evansville Reitz High School to the Indiana Class 4A state championship this past fall. He threw for 2,292 yards with 22 touchdowns and six interceptions.

McIntosh, who is 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, ran 205 times, almost all out of the spread option, for 1,621 yards and 34 touchdowns in 15 games. ranks McIntosh as the 30th-best senior quarterback in the nation.McIntosh could compete with incumbent starter Carson Williams during summer camp. Even if he doesn't, McIntosh hopes to help bring Army back to respectability. Here is the interview with McIntosh. Why Army?
Paul McIntosh: Well, first of all, from the standpoint of academics, you can't get a better education anywhere. Second of all, I really do think the football program is on the rise. I think Coach Brock and his staff are really going to do some big things at West Point.

AS: Why not Ball State?
PM: I didn't really have a solid verbal commitment there. It was never solid that I was going there. I just had to go with the school that I felt was the best fit for me.

AS: Do you hope to compete with Carson Williams for the starting job as a freshman?
PM: I hope so, that's my mentality. I'm the type of person who always wants to be playing. I hope I get a shot, we will see what happens.

AS: Do you have a quarterback that you try to emulate?
PM: I liked James Banks who went to Ben Davis High School (Indiana). He went to Tennessee, but had some problems, he got kicked out. But he was the player of the year in Indiana. I liked him because he was very athletic and used his legs to create plays.

AS: How does it feel to be called Mr. Football, yourself?
PM: It's pretty cool, my friends give me a hard time, they try to embarrass me when I go out in public. I'm just pretty proud of it because it shows how good our team us. It's a reflection of our team.

AS: Why do you think Army will turn things around?
PM: I just love coach Brock and his staff's mentality. They have a winning mentality and know they will prepare. They have put together a great recruiting class, they have some great players already, they have great facilities. I have no doubt the program will be fine.

AS: What should Army fans expect from Paul McIntosh?
PM: It's not just me, like I said, we have a great recruiting class. The players are unbelievable. I hope to lead Army to a couple of winning seasons, a couple of bowl games and to beat Navy every year. Top Stories