Army offense: what will it be?

The biggest buzz among Army fans during the offseason has centered around what offense the Black Knights will run in 2008. As of now, head coach Stan Brock isn't talking about the "new" scheme. But is. Here are some possible options for Army's offense in 2008.

Brock returns to the pro style offense: The Black Knights' have run the scheme since Bobby Ross implemented it in 2004.

There have been some bright spots, especially at the end of 2005 when Army brought a four-game winning streak into its annual showdown with Navy, but, for the most part, the attack has sputtered. In part, it led to Ross resigning after the 2006 season and his son, Kevin, being booted as offensive coordinator.

It seems like it's time for the pro style to go. Army put up just 19 touchdowns in 12 games last year. The Black Knights went 31 quarters without a rushing touchdown and a running back gained more than 100 yards in a game just once.

The option is implemented: To get things moving in the right direction, Brock adds 10-12 option plays into the game plan each game.

Now, the question is what quarterback will run the option? It might be the perfect way to get incoming freshman Paul McIntosh's feet wet. McIntosh ran 205 times, almost all out of the spread option, for 1,621 yards and 34 scores in 15 games at Evansville Reitz (Ind.) High this season.

Carson Williams can run the other plays. The problem with that is Army could become predictable. Keep in mind, Ross did run some option plays during his tenure, but the Black Knights didn't make the attack look very good. If Brock goes this way, expected him to be much more committed.

Spreading it out: The hot rumor at the beginning of the season was that Army would go with a spread option. It's a fun attack to watch and schools like the University of Florida and West Virginia have been successful with it. The offense "spreads" the defense by aligning in three-to-five receiver sets, using two or fewer running backs in the backfield and often setting the quarterback in shotgun.

This attack forces the defense to defend more of the field and isolates its players in. Sounds good, but does Army have the athletes to run the scheme? With all due respect, probably not.

Clipping a page out of the Navy playbook: Imagine Army runs the triple option a la the Midshipmen. It's sure worked for Navy. The Midshipmen have gone to five straight bowl games and won five straight Commander-in-Chief's trophies. But it could be difficult for Army to implement the triple option with its personnel.

The Black Knights could have the running backs to run it, the likes of Tony Dace and Wesley McMahand, but, again, who's under center?

Make a wish: How about the wishbone offense? Stan Brock and Army offensive coordinator Tim Walsh reportedly spoke with for Army coach Jim Young about the scheme during the offseason. Smash mouth football, you gotta love it. Bring back the bone? Top Stories