Defensive Scrimmage Makes Sense

Army head coach Stan Brock announced he was staging a "defensive scrimmage" for Saturday's spring game. Normally a team allows the offense to square off against the defense in a fun atmosphere for the players and fans. While this format is certainly not popular with the fans, it makes sense in some ways.

By limiting the game to a defensive scrimmage Army is doing what military commanders have tried to do for centuries during war: keep the enemy from knowing how they are going to hit them.

You see, Army is installing a new offense. It's said to be some kind of option offense. It might be the spread option, the wishbone, the triple option; we don't know what it is at this point and the Temple coaching staff would certainly like to know.

Army defeated Temple last year, 37-21, in a game that was much closer than the score indicated. Big special teams play helped lead the Cadets to a win. But while Army has lost the majority of their team to graduation, Temple returns the vast majority of their starters. They will be better and I expect them to go bowling.

The Black Knights lost last year's opener to Akron and in 2006 fell to Arkansas State. I can still remember the sickening feeling of those losses; "here we are 0-1 again." With an adjusted schedule to allow for more successes it's important that the Cadets get off to a great start by defeating the Owls. If Army can beat the Owls then there's Akron, Eastern Michigan, Tulane, Buffalo, Louisiana Tech, Rice, and Navy with their new head coach coming up.

Defenses normally never get much credit; the offense gets the glory. Let's give the Army defense their day in the spotlight and let's give the Temple coaching staff absolutely nothing to prepare for. We'll get to see that offense on August 29th; hopefully it'll be ripping through the Owl defense. Top Stories