Interview: Owen Tolson

Owen Tolson's reliable foot will be certainly missed at West Point. Tolson could punt, kick field goals and kickoff. It made Tolson a valuable commodity and he hopes his versatility gets him another NFL look. He was cut by the Giants during rookie mini-camp, but Tolson expects to get another shot during training camps.

Good luck, Owen. No matter what happens, you have already made West Point and the U.S. Army proud. caught up with Tolson just days before he graduated from the Academy to talk about his experience with the Super Bowl champs and his future. Do you hope to get a shot with another NFL team during training camp?
Owen Tolson: Absolutely. I've kept my training regimen up. I'm kicking and working out every day. I think I will get an opportunity with another team.

AS: Have you or your agent talked to any NFL teams?
OT: My agent has talked to some teams on a bi-weekly basis. A lot of teams are still interested, but they probably won't want to make any moves until near training camp. So I'm just concentrating on graduation for now. But I'm looking forward to another opportunity.

AS: What was it like being at Giants mini-camp?
OT: It was a great experience being a part of the Giants, even for that short period of time. I learned that it's a business and teams make business decisions. The Giants had to make a decision that they thought was best for them.

AS: Were you surprised that the Giants cut you so quickly?
OT: I was definitely a little surprised. I was under the impression that they were going to keep two punters, but they told me they needed a deep snapper. I thought I would make it until training camp. But the experience definitely prepared me for next time.

AS: What did Tom Coughlin tell you after he cut you?
OT: He actually talked to all of the unsigned free agents and told them why they let us go. I talked to him for five minutes and he gave me a final talk on how things went. He told me I would be the No. 1 guy on the list if they needed a kicker or punter. But he reassured me that coming out of West Point I would have success either way.

AS: Could you tell that Coughlin holds West Point in such high regard?
OT: He doesn't just hold West Point in high regard, he feels that way about all of the military. But he treated me like the rest of the players. He didn't give me any preference because of where I went to school. He is a fan of all three service academies.

AS: Highlight of Giants camp?
OT: I'd say when I lined up for a 51-yard field goal and nailed it with Coughlin standing about three yards from me. I was under pressure and I didn't have any expectations, but I nailed it, I executed.

AS: Your immediate plans for after graduation?
OT: I'm gonna go home and get some good workouts in and eat a good diet. Catch up with some old friends and relax. After four years, I need to get away from West Point for a little while. I'll go to a few country concerts. I'm huge fan of country. I'm going to see Willie Nelson in San Antonio on July Fourth.

AS: Final question: If you don't play in the NFL you will?
OT: I'll be a graduate assistant for the football team. After that, hopefully, I will be stationed at Fort Hood, somewhere near Dallas. I'll start my career as a second lieutenant. I will be in air defense artillery, so I will work with patriot missile systems. Top Stories