Despite struggles, positives exist for Army

Army is 0-2 and, early on, it looks like it could be a long season. The Black Knights have proved to be turnover-prone in the first two weeks and the so-called option offense has stalled.That's why so many loyal Army fans are so frustrated and ready to jump ship. But, as hard as it may seem, we have to hang tough with the Black Knights. It's obvious this transition will take some time.

Maybe half the season, maybe the whole season, but one thing is for sure. The players need our support. Although things have looked downright bleak, there have some positives. We share a few and hope Army can turn it around against Akron on Sept. 20.

Maybe Carson Williams is coming around: He had a tough game against Temple, but showed some progress against New Hampshire. Williams, a junior, completed his first seven passes for 95 yards and a touchdown in the 28-10 loss. He left in the second quarter with a left hand injury. Williams appears to have a long way to go when it comes to running the option. But maybe coach Stan Brock will go with the two-headed monster at quarterback.

The second head of the monster: Chip Bowden showed he can run the option. He has a lot of work to do, but he showed lots of potential. Maybe he and Williams can rotate some down the stretch. The Black Knights will become more predictable, but if offensive coordinator Tim Walsh calls the right plays, they will be all right.

The option will take time: As much as this will hurt, it's very possible that Army isn't going to win six games and make a bowl game this season. But let's hope, as the season goes on, they adapt better to the scheme, pick up some wins and are ready to go for a six-win season next year. Everyone's patience is running thin, but right about now, any Army fan would take six wins next year. Let's hope for the best this year.

The special teams can't get any worse: Army has given up kickoff returns for touchdowns against Temple and New Hampshire. That's unacceptable and somewhat surprising, since special teams coach Gary Miller has done a good job with the unit the last three seasons.

The turnovers situation can't get any worse: Army lost four fumbles against New Hampshire and against Temple and the Wildcats gave up fumble recoveries for touchdowns. This can't and won't go on. Once Army can hold the ball and sustain drives they should be more competitive.Remember, against New Hampshire, it marked the second straight game that Army held a large time of possession advantage in a losing effort. Army held the ball for 35:02 to 24:48 for the Wildcats. The Black Knights possessed the ball for 37:05 in Week One against Temple.

Collin Mooney: He may be as good as advertised. He is sure one tough son of a gun. Maybe when Army's offense isn't as predictable, Mooney will have more room to run. He's still doing a good job, rushing for 138 yards over two weeks.

There are still plenty of winnable games on the schedule: If Army plays like it has the last two weeks, it's going to be a long season. But when Army gets it together they still have several winnable games on the schedule, including Akron, Eastern Michigan, Tulane, Rice and Buffalo.It won't be easy, but maybe this early bye is just what Army needs to get it together. Top Stories