Army Bye week Blues

Baseball is a game. You lose today, no big deal because you play again tomorrow. That's the beauty of that game. You never get too low, you never get too high. It's a marathon, a war of attrition.

But football is an event. You live and die with every game. You wait for months and months for your team to take the field and the anticipation is tremendous. If your team starts out well, every day is like spring. Birds are chirping, the sun is warm, your food tastes better and a bye week is like laying in your hammock, basking in your team's success.

Or perhaps your team is Army.

The highly anticipated changes don't seem too different at all. The team that couldn't score last year can't score this year either. Your team is getting pushed around all game long.You start thinking the punter is the MVP again. You're happy if a kickoff return by the opponent isn't returned to the 50 or beyond. You turn to talk to the guy next to you and find you're the only one in the section who hasn't gone home.

And then you get a bye week.

Every day is like a cold, rainy winter day. You never see the sun, you're always grumpy, all your food tastes like hell, and if you sat in your hammock, it would just collapse under the weight of your disappointment. It's the longest two weeks on the calendar. And then it gets worse. You check the weekend scores and find our past opponents aren't doing so hot and future opponents are winning or at least moving the ball and scoring points. You start thinking that there's gonna be a big O on the win column again. Woe is us.

Well Bunky, chin up. Akron's on the way. We diehards always have our optimism on game day. Maybe this will be the week. Maybe this will be the week that the option is run like a regular option. Maybe the D makes some big plays this week. Maybe someone will finally turn down the intrusive video board. Maybe there will be joy in Mudville.

GO ARMY!!!!! BEAT ANYBODY!!!!........please? Top Stories