A Diminished Michie Experience

When most of us Army fans heard about the improvements planned for Michie Stadium this season, there was cause for much optimism. And in alot of ways, the improvements have been nice.

Black Knight Alley is much improved. There's lots more stuff to do for the family, the eats aren't bad and having the '58 team, N.Y. Giant players and Army Hall of Fame members signing autographs has been a very welcome addition.

The new playing surface looks great. Although what's been happening atop that surface makes it tough to keep your stomach settled, it certainly looks good, especially with the 'West Point' logos in the end zone. It makes us old timers very happy.

But then there's the new scoreboard with the large video board and enhanced sound. Most fans were looking forward to seeing replays and close-ups of the bands as they went through their paces. Maybe a nice pregame feature or two. Lots of out of town scores. Boy, were we wrong!

Instead, the circus has come to town. Like a kid playing with a new Christmas toy, the Army marketing department is determined to not give you a minute's peace. Incredibly loud noise, non-stop ads and promotional announcements, and amazingly loud music are killing the Michie experience.

The team comes out to rock music. You want to hear the academy band or pep band play something? You want to hear OBOAT after a score? Sorry, it's time for more inane music or yet another ad from yet another sponsor. Worst of all, you literally can't talk to someone sitting right next to you because of this constant, intrusive noise. The people in my section were screaming about it this past Saturday. Of course, they had to scream if they wanted to be heard.

The net result? Spirit, which has been lagging because of recent fortunes on the field has almost completely gone away because of the noise. Who wants to cheer or applaud when you're being drowned out by the Michie Mononlith?

The video on the screen is beautiful. Turn the sound down. Way down. Let us experience the best of a college football Saturday. Save the noise for between innings of a minor league baseball game.

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