Our top 10 Army HC Candidates

No, Army won't be getting Urban Meyer or Paul Johnson but there are plenty of solid head coaching candidates out there. Here's a list of the top 10 coaches who we believe that Army is looking at or should be looking at along with the pros and cons of each.

1) Greg Gregory, Offensive Coordinator, South Florida

Pros: Former offensive coordinator at Army under Bob Sutton. Former Army officer. Army 10-6 against Navy while he was at West Point. Knows the option offense.
Cons: ?
2) Turner Gill, Head Coach, Buffalo

Pros: Turned a former struggling Buffalo program into a conference champion in three years. Knows the option, was a quarterback at Nebraska. Great recruiter and has ties to New York.
Cons: No experience coaching at an academy.
3) Ed Warinner, Offensive Coordinator, Kansas

Pros: Extensive experience with successful academy programs running option offenses. Served under both Jim Young and Bob Sutton at Army and Fisher DeBerry at Air Force.
Cons: Air Force grad.
4) Rich Ellerson, Heach Coach, Cal Poly

Pros: Successful head coach who has built Cal Poly into a winning program. 56-34 record and is 48-21 in last 69 games. Cal Poly is the No. 3 rushing team nationally in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Cal Poly is also the national leader in scoring offense in the FCS (44 ppg).
Cons: No academy experience.
5) Bob Sutton, Defensive Coordinator, New York Jets

Pros: Former head coach at Army (1991-99) who compiled a 44-54-1 and five straight wins over Navy. A former assistant under Jim Young, Sutton has served on the staff of every Army bowl team.
Cons: 57 years young.
6) Mike Sewak, Co-Offensive Line Coach, Georgia Tech

Pros: Another Paul Johnson disciple. Took over for Johnson at Georgia Southern when Johnson went to Navy. Finished with 35-14 record at GS but that wasn't good enough for the AD. Knows the triple option.
Cons: No academy experience.
7) Ivin Jasper, Offensive Coordinator, Navy

Pros: Extensive experience coaching at a military academy. Solid knowledge of the highly successful triple option. Solid recruiter.
Cons: Still a fairly young coach with only limited experience as a coordinator. A Navy guy.
8) John Mumford, Defensive Coordinator, Army

Pros: Great defensive coach with much knowledge of the academy. Served as interim coach at Army when Todd Berry was fired.
Cons: Not much knowledge of option game.
9) Steed Lobotzke, Offensive Coordinator, Wake Forest

Pros: Solid coordinator who had experience with the option at Air Force. Has formulated a strong Wake Forest attack won the ACC Championship in 2006 although the Deacs have been down somewhat this year offensively.
Cons: Air Force grad.
10) Brian Bohannon, Quarterbacks and Fullbacks Coach, Georgia Tech

Pros: Extensive experience with the triple option. Coached as an assistant at Georgia Southern, Navy and Georgia Tech under the highly respected Paul Johnson.
Cons: No coordinator experience yet.

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