Army's next coach will be........... has already identified some candidates for the open Army football head coach job. We've talked to several people in the know in the business in the past few days and now it's time to put odds on the field and add some insight. On Monday, Army athletic director Kevin Anderson and his search committee discussed the opening. <br

Rich Ellerson, Cal Poly head coach Odds to land the job: 4-1 This is a bold prediction and maybe premature, but our gut tells us that Ellerson could very well be Army's next head coach.

Ellerson, 40-18 over his last 58 games, knows the option. Cal Poly averaged 44 points a game this year and ranked third in the nation in Division I-AA. But don't forget this about Ellerson: He is also a good defensive coach.

Ed Warinner, Kansas asst. coach Odds: 6-1 It's possible that Army doesn't even get a shot at Warinner, who served under Bob Sutton and Jim Young at West Point.

Warinner's name has been tossed around as a candidate for the opening at Iowa State. That makes sense as Warinner knows the Big 12 well.

Steed Lobotzke Wake Forest offensive coordinator Odds: 8-1 Is believed to have been on Army's radar for a few years. Great young coach, but he may have better job prospects than West Point. Lobotzke is another potential Iowa State candidate. That's important to watch.

Bob Sutton, New York Jets offensive coordinator Odds: 12-1 A Sutton return to West Point would make a great story. But he's locked in a playoff race with the Jets. Sutton knows the option well, but at this point in his career, may not be ready to lead Army's revival.

Greg Gregory, South Florida off. coordinator Odds: 14-1 Gregory, who worked at Army from 1982-97, knows the option offense from his days at Army. But he did have his critics during his days at West Point.

Gregory was asked about the Army job by the St. Petersburg Times. He said: "I'm not going to politick for any job. If something happens, you'll always entertain an interest if they show interest."

Gregory may very well not even get an interview.

Turner Gill, Buffalo coach Odds: 20-1 Maybe the best candidate out there. It would be tough to land Gill, especially with what he's done at Buffalo. But maybe Army can approach Gill with more money and this sell. If you rebuild this program, you can get any job. Gill has been turned down by Nebraska and Auburn

Charlie Taaffe, unemployed Odds: 30-1 This guy may have more knowledge of the option than anyone out there. Still, a source close to Taaffe isn't sure if he will get a look.

Taaffe coached at Army from 1981-86 and moved on to The Citadel, where he took the program to new heights. Taaffe took the Bulldogs to new heights in his 10 years with the Division I-AA school as he won more games than any coach in the history of the school. Prior to his tenure, The Citadel had not won a league game or road game in more than two seasons. Under Taaffe, the Bulldogs won a Southern Conference championship, finished a regular season (1992) ranked No. 1 in the country and advanced to the Division I-AA playoffs three times. Top Stories