Army Football Winter Update

When you have been knocked cold and you are laying flat on the canvass – you can only look up. There are a lot of reasons to be down on Army Football, but in this column, we don't dwell on the negative. We think positively and emanate our energy to the Army Team. So this month's column is going to basically deal with a smattering of Army Football topics and we will give the positive spin

Army Navy Game

Boy those Black Knight uniforms were awesome weren't they?


Stan Brock Dismissal

The next guy could not do much worse, unless we brought Todd Berry back


The First Year Back With the Wishbone

Considering there were only four plays, created by an offensive coordinator that had no option experience, I think that the offense did about as well as could be expected.  It would be nice to have used Carson Williams in some capacity, but there is always next year.  Also, Collin Mooney was a very pleasant surprise, rushing 1,361 yards to become the all time Army leading single season rusher.  We could certainly use him next year. But if we have to sit through another season where the fullback gets 37 carries a game….


The Defense

Once again the defense had a stellar year and kept the team in many games.  John Mumford will return to the defense in some capacity next year.  We are hoping that Ted Bentler will be given another year of eligibility.  He transferred from Iowa and lost a year of eligibility in accordance with NCAA rules.  I am not sure if there is such precedence, but perhaps Army's case is that he has signed into the Army in a time of war and should not be penalized a year of football. Bentler's prospective return could make the difference between making a bowl game and not making one.


The Detroit Lions

Looking back, it may be a good thing that Caleb Campbell did not play for the Lions last season.  He may have been wiped out with the rest of the squad as new management cleans a very dirty house. Of course, we will never know if he might have made a play at some point in the season to help the Lions win a game. Oh, well.


New Coach

Rich Ellerson is a winner who brings a unique offense and defense to a place that definitely needs a non-conventional approach.  If you have ever visited San Luis Obispo, you know that it is not an athletic campus.  There is more enthusiasm for nature and engineering projects than for any athletic team and he has won there.  I am not sure how Army would match up against Cal Poly SLO, but last year I probably would have taken SLO and given 10 points.  Cal Poly SLO finished the year ranked 97 and Army finished 128 (Sagarin).  You must figure that with Army's history, facilities, ESPN contract, resources and recruiting ability that he should be able to get Army in the 70s or 80s at a minimum.  Army has not been ranked that high in a decade. 


Also, coach Ellerson is fairly familiar with West Point, as his father and brothers are graduates.  He should understand what cadets do off the field and this may help him form a bond between the corps and the team that has not existed in a long while.  His teams also show a lot of discipline and character.


Ellerson's credentials look solid, and it appears he is the right man for this job. Some alumni will wonder, though, if the Academy Brass may have missed the boat by not giving the job to Mike Sullivan, the New York Giants' Wide Receivers' Coach and a member of the West Point Class of 1989.




Below is the non-official 2009 schedule.



Sep 5

at Eastern Michigan

Ypsilanti, MI

Sep 12

at Duke

Durham, NC

Sep 19

Ball State

West Point, NY

Sep 26

at Iowa State

Ames, IA

Oct 3


West Point, NY 

Oct 10


West Point, NY

Oct 17

at Temple

Philadelphia, PA

Oct 24


West Point, NY 

Nov 7

at Air Force

Air Force Academy, CO

Nov 14


West Point, NY

Nov 21

at North Texas

Denton, TX

Dec 5

vs Navy

Philadelphia, PA


This year's team would have won 3 games on this schedule and 6 gets us to the Mighty Eagle Bank Bowl in Washington DC.  This is a big step, but I think that this years Cal Poly team could win 6 on Army's 2009 calendar.  Of course 12 wins puts us in the Tostitos Bowl – I am sure that we could get Great Pacific to sponsor an awesome tailgate.




According to, Army's incoming recruiting class is ranked 89th nationally, down from last year's 80th ranked class, but far ahead of Air Force (ranked 110) and Navy (ranked 118). The future is bright if Ellerson turns out to be the right coach to make it work in the years ahead.



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