How Army got Navy's Goat

Lets go back to the third week of November,1953-- <P> Two squads of West Point cadets set out from the Academy to do some "dirty work". A secret mission was at hand. They left on two independent missions. They traveled some 300 miles and arrived at their destination in the dead of night.

One squad crept to a high fence at the edge of a sea wall, scaled it expertly. They waited until a jeep patrol passed, scurried into an empty stadium. Said the cadet leader," It was pitch dark,and I didnt have any idea where he was, but I figured if he was around we would smell him. So we crept along in the dark until we hit it. He really stank."

Swiftly, they roped him and started out. The captive did not resist. At the fence, the Cadets had trouble: The prisoner was too heavy to lift over. Then a voice called, "Hey!" The cadets were sure they were caught. But the voice belonged to the leader of the second Army group which had come by sea instead of by land.

Joining forces, they lowered the captive into a boat, moved him around the fence. Twelve hours later, their prize, Billy 12, the Navy football mascot, was in a cardboard cage at West Point. Sternly repressing any sign of satisfaction, The Points high brass ordered Billy returned, assigning a lieutennent colonel George McIntyre to assure him safe conduct to Annapolis.

The Navy swallowed its chagrin and hoped, unsuccessfully it turned out, to get back at Army in their annual football game.

Army won that year 20-7 with Army yearling halfback, Pat Uebel, scoring all three Army touchdowns. Top Stories