Don Holleder's performance

Here is a follow up to that 1955 Navy game with a short writeup taken from the <i>Newark Evening News</i> of November 27,1955---


The performance of Don Holleder was a complete vindication of Blaiks move this year in converting him from end. Holleder's qualities as a passer never had much to do with the move. Blaik wanted him at quarter to run the team and as a "take charge" guy. This he did and was, and he was never better than against Navy.

Every grandstand quarterback in the country second-guessed Blaik. All they could think of was a T- quarterback who wasn't much of a passer. They didnt realize that Blaik had decided early that this was to be a running, not a passing, team. Not only did it lack a good passer but it had no talented receivers either.

The critics were most vocal after the loss to Michigan. That night we talked to Blaik in Ypsilanti and mentioned the general reaction that he was making a bad mistake.
" I'm sure," he replied with characteristic bluntness, "that there are lots of people who know more about running this team than I do."

We said we didn't care what he did, but that if he was going to move Holleder back to end, it was a matter of news and we wanted to know it.

" Well, I'm not going to move him back to end. He is our quarterback and that's where he is going to stay,"  was the answer.

Stay he did -- and only the critics were confounded. Top Stories