Prep Coach talks Army Commit A.J. McGovern

Pat Keating enters his first season at Wyoming Valley West. He will be following one of the winningest coaches in Pennsylvania prep football history. However, Keating can rest assured that he'll have one of the finest centers in the country on his line. talked with Keating about A.J. McGovern and the Wyoming Valley West football program. What makes A.J. McGovern a good player?
Pat Keating: He's got so many good qualities. He's an absolute leader on the team. He's positive with all our young players. His strength; he was just in the weight room two weeks ago, he bench pressed 385 pounds, squatted 585 pounds and power cleaned 285 pounds. He applies that on the field, he's a physical kid. His work ethic is second to none. He does whatever is asked of him and he goes above and beyond the call of duty and does things that you don't need to tell him.

AS: Can you tell us what positions he's played at your school?
PK: He's moved all over the offensive line but he's going to be primarily a center for us. I see that as where he ends up at the college level. His intelligence really helps him there, with recognizing fronts and things of that nature. Defensively he played defensive tackle.

AS: Did he get any postseason honors?
PK: He was an all conference player. We have two local newspapers that do them and we also have the coaches that do them and he was selected by all three; both newspapers and the coaches association. Recently he was ranked as the 17th or 19th center in the country by Rivals.

AS: What did he like about Army?
PK: As soon as he got to the campus I think he just fell in love with the campus. I think he just absolutely loves the lifestyle. His mother and father have a military background. He loves the discipline aspect of it. His future and serving his country; I think that's something he really wants to do.

AS: Do you know what branches they served in?
PK: I believe mom served in the Army and dad in the Navy, but I'm not sure.

AS: Can you tell us the story of how he ended up at Army?
PK: I know he went up to their camp his junior season. I believe he was offered. Then he gave his verbal commitment at the Army-Navy game. Then there was the new coaching change. I think it was just a matter of whether everything was still being honored. Now I guess everything is a go.

AS: Who else was recruiting him.
PK: Temple, Syracuse and Buffalo. A lot of schools in the Northeast. Pittsburgh. He's also getting some heavy, heavy action from Atlantic 10 schools.

AS: Did any of them offer him?
PK: No, not set in stone that I know of yet. Obviously because he committed so early he hasn't worked out for anybody. A lot of those schools are saying they just want to see his first three game films and then go for there.

AS: How is your team looking for 2009?
PK: I think we are going to be pretty solid. We have a really nice nucleus back up front, four out of five guys. We do have a new quarterback; he's been working extremely hard. I think that depending on how things pan out for him as far as him grasping the new terminology and new system. If he comes along we could be very successful. Top Stories