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Trent Steelman is continuing to impress as at quarterback. Could a plebe actually start on September 5th? Also, is Navy on the decline? Kent State to visit Army and more.

It's looking more and more like plebe Trent Steelman will be the starting quarterback when Army faces Eastern Michigan in about 11 days. In Saturday's scripted scrimmage he executed the offense flawlessly and scored a touchdown on a 32-yard run just a few plays into the scrimmage. While Steelman shined head coach Rich Ellerson stressed that Army would use Chip Bowden and Carson Williams in addition to Steelman. It makes sense to use all three in situations where they can help the team. For instance, if Army's down by four with two minutes remaining and the team is 80 yards from pay dirt then it just makes sense to put Williams in to run the 2-minute offense. If Army faces a big third-and-two situation it might work to put Bowden in since he is more physical of a runner than Steelman. But the fact is, Steelman will likely see more playing time than the other two, which is huge news.

Again, with this Saturday scrimmage we see Ellerson training the team like it will fight. That's the same logic that our soldiers in the force use. He's got it down to even giving pre game talks and practicing running on the field and stretching. It's refreshing to see a coach as organized and detailed as Ellerson. He's setting a good example for his players who might use the same logic as leaders someday to save the lives of their soldiers. This all goes with Ellerson's ethos of embracing the ideals of the academy rather than trying to avoid them and it appears to be working. LINK

Last week questions arose about whether or not Army's offensive line was big enough to get the job done. Sal Interdonato of the talked to offensive guard Mikel Weich who told him, "It's about technique. It's about explosiveness off the ball. The weight does help. But with what we are trying to do, you really don't need to be a massive guy. We are big enough to do what we need to do." Navy has gotten it done with linemen the size of Army's line so it can be done; Weich is right. LINK

Kent State will visit Army in 2012, according to a report on the During that season Army is already believed to be playing Stony Brook, Eastern Michigan, Ball State, Temple, Wake Forest, North Texas, San Diego State and Rutgers. A game with Yale is could still happen. Of course Air Force and Navy are also on the 2012 schedule. LINK

Very little news is coming out of a Eastern Michigan's preseason camp. It's a shame that a division I football team doesn't have any coverage. Their official site gives very little coverage either. However, a poster on an Eastern Michigan fan board gave an update of EMU's recent scrimmage and wrote that the Eagle offense was still working "out some kinks and timing issues." He spoke highly of the Eagle defense and said, "It's pretty clear already that this is not the same D Eastern fans have been watching for the last several years." LINK

Navy isn't looking quite as tough anymore. They've got a lot of holes to fill. They are still not settled on their slotbacks and the loss of beast Nate Frazier has them worried. I'm sure they'll still be a difficult game this season but I have a hunch that they will begin to decline this season. It's just a hunch. I think if Dobbs goes down they are in big trouble. By the way, Frazier has transferred to division II North Alabama. LINK

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"I feel good about our first group... we are certainly not two deep; we are probably not quite one and a half deep in terms of people that could go into most stadiums and compete for a 'W'."

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