Report Card: Army vs. Iowa State

It's over now. Army lost at Iowa State, 31-10 on Saturday. analyzes every element of the Black Knight's performance and assigns a grade to each area.



Iowa State

We've seen a lot worse but this could be better. Trent Steelman and Chip Bowden combined to complete 11 of 26 passes for 130 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Bowden had one pass to Ali Villanueva that went for 30 yards in addition to the 5-yard scoring pass to Villanueva. Villanueva is turning into quite a weapon and had 6 catches for 77 yards. His size is creating the mis-matches in the opponent's secondary that Ellerson intended him to.
Iowa State did a good job of shutting down Army's rushing offense. The Cadets did have over 180 yards rushing which most teams would be happy with but when you're running the triple option you need at least about 250 to have chance to win. Army's longest run of the night was for only 18 yards (Patrick Mealy). Mealy was the top rusher with 54 yards followed by Kingsley Ehie with 47. One improvement was that Army seems to have corrected their fumble proneness. They only fumbled twice and didn't lose any.
Not terrible. The Black Knights Austen Arnaud threw for 173 yards and a touchdown. He completed 10 of 19 passes and none for interceptions. Arnaud also hurt Army on the ground picking up another 62 yards. Army was not able to intercept a Cyclone pass and didn't get any turnovers during the game. The Black Knights must get some turnovers to have a chance to win over a good team on the road.
ISU's Alexander Robinson had 22 carries for 129 yards and two touchdowns. His 68-yard run for touchdown put the Cyclones up, 17-3, and was a real back breaker for the Cadets. Linebacker Stephen Anderson and defensive end Josh McNary combined for 17 tackles to lead the way for Army's rushing defense.
Alex Carlton made a 32-yarder that gave Army a short lived, 3-0, lead but he missed a shorter 27 yarder early in the third quarter. Jonathan Bulls had a decent game punting finishing with a 38 yard average. There were no super long Army kickoff or punt returns. Iowa State also did not have any long returns on Army.
It was about as well as could be expected. Iowa State is a team with more athleticism and depth than Army and the Cadets just couldn't catch any breaks against the Cyclones. Some questions have been raised about whether Steelman should have even played with his cracked rib, however, unless you are the doctor who examined Trent then you are only making assumptions about a topic that you don't have all the facts on.
It wasn't a victory and it wasn't even a moral victory but it wasn't a total embarrassment either. Army will regroup and get ready for the Green Wave. The Cadets just need to put this one behind them and focus on getting better in order to win future games. Top Stories