Bryan Vavruska Interview caught up with Bryan Vavruska, from North HS (Naperville, IL) ad chatted with him about his decision to join the Black Knights of Army.  What tipped the scales in favor of playing football at Army?
Bryan VavruskaDefinitely the opportunities afterward, not many schools that have good facilities as Army, can offer the opportunities afterwards that West Point can.  What is your actual size and 40 speed?
Bryan Vavruska:  I'm about 6'2" 185 and my forty time is between 4.4 –4.5.  How do you feel about playing in front of 35,000 to 75,000 fans?
Bryan Vavruska:  It will be awesome.  They have a great stadium there and a lot of people come out to support the team and playing against Navy in front of 80,000 people, wow!  Have you already thought about what you want to study at West Point?
Bryan Vavruska:  They (West Point) were fourth in country in engineering behind a few of Ivy League schools, that is definitely an option.  What position are you being recruited at?
Bryan Vavruska:  Free Safety.  Are you doing anything special on LOI Day?
Bryan Vavruska:  I'm not sure. They sent me my letter.  I'm not sure if we are doing something at school or with Corey McKeon (LB teammate at Naperville, HS who is a verbal to Nebraska) …we might sign together, but I'm not sure.  Did you get a chance to chat and hangout with other recruits during your official visit?
Bryan Vavruska:  They brought about 10 of us in the first weekend of official visits. 
We hung out with our hosts.  We had a chance to meet with some of the players that we would be playing with next year.  I hung out
with Zac Maodus from Texas, who is big and quick (I remember him from one of the summer football camp I attended) and we had a chance to chat. 
I'm really excited!  My dad is really excited. He brought West Point to my attention when I was a sophomore, even before football was in the picture. He thought that being a West Point Cadet would be a good fit, so it worked out that they wanted me for football as well.

Bryan will be a direct appointment to West Point. Top Stories