Cason Shrode Interview

Irving HS (Irving, TX)linebacker Cason Shrode talked with about his decision to join the Black Knights of Army.  What tipped the scales in favor of playing football at Army?
Cason Shrode You mean, what made me commit there? Yes.

Cason Shrode:  Pretty much the opportunities I would have after I graduate. One thing I really like was when I talked to all the younger guys on the team, they really believe they are going to turn things around.  I went to other schools on visits, and guys would say they are going do to it and to turn it around, but you get the sense that they (Army) are going to do it.  What is your 40 time like?
Cason Shrode:  My forty time is 4.68". What other schools were you hearing from and did you have any other offers?
Cason Shrode:  I chose Army over Louisiana Tech, UT-El Paso, Navy, Air Force, Sam
Houston State (all offers).  In addition I was starting hear from Louisville. Your high school coach (Jim Bennett) described you as a relentless and smart player.  How would you describe yourself?
Cason Shrode:  I have a feel for the ball and I play hard. What position are you being recruited at?
Cason Shrode:  Middle Linebacker. What linebackers in the NFL or College do you pattern yourself after?
Cason Shrode:  I emulate Derrick Brooks of the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Have you followed the recruiting of other players to Army?
Cason Shrode:  Some of the players that I was on my visit with. There was a linebacker from Houston….  Was that Blake Carter?

Cason Shrode:  Yes that's him and Barrett Scruggs, I visited with him and I think he is going to play Sam LB.  What part of your game do you feel is strongest?
Cason Shrode:  My quickness and I make quick decisions on the field. Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights 
Cason Shrode:Thank you.


Cason weighs 222 and is 6'3". 

He will be a direct appointment to West Point Top Stories