Interview with Dusty Eggleston

Dalton HS (Dalton, GA) safety, Dusty Eggleston takes a few moments out of his weekend schedule to share with the Army fans about his decision to join the Black Knights of Army.  When did you make your official visit to West Point and what did you enjoy the most on your visit?
Dusty Eggleston: I don't recall the actual date, but is was about three or four weeks ago.  I went up there not sure if I would make a decision.  However, I really enjoyed the comradery with the players, coaches and just the atmosphere up there…and the opportunities both football and educationally.  I sat down and had a meeting with Coach Berry the last night there and he asked me if I was ready to commit and I told him that I was.  What is your actual size and 40 speed?
Dusty Eggleston:  I'm about 5'10"-5'11" 175 and my forty time is 4.53.  What is your biggest asset as a player?
Dusty Eggleston:  Knowledge of the game and being able to know tendencies. Are you looking forward to playing in the Army/Navy game?
Dusty Eggleston:  Oh yeah, that is something you dream about.  That is big time. I believe you played both offense and defense, what position are you being recruited at?
Dusty Eggleston:  Safety postion…one of the sniper positions.  Are you doing anything special on LOI Day?
Dusty Eggleston:  Yes sir, there are 3 people from my school who are signing, so we will are having a little party. Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights
Dusty Eggleston: Thank you.

Dusty will be a direct appointment to West Point. Top Stories