Interview: Nathan Collier

Signing Day (LOI) is what many high school football recruits considered the climax of their high school career. We caught up with mammoth OL recruit Nathan Collier on signing day and he shared with us his feeling about becoming an Army Black Knight.

OL, Nathan Collier, (6-6, 305) Stephenville HS (Stephenville, TX) I apologize for not being able to take your call earlier. I was on the phone with recruit Rodgers Thweatt (WR).
Nathan Collier: Not a problem sir. Describe to the Army fans what your official visit to Army was like?
Nathan Collier: It was a lot different than what I expected. It was just the nature of the campus, the people better than any other college that I have ever been to. The mystic, makes it a special place to be. What is your actual size?
Nathan Collier: I'm 6-6, 320. I have gained a little weight since the season ended. Is there a specific weight that the Army coaches want you to report in at?
Nathan Collier: No, they have not mention anything to me about that. Aside from your size, what is your biggest asset as a player?
Nathan Collier: I know the game real well. I can adjust to what the defense does and I pickup on things quickly. My mental aspect of the game is real good. Where do you feel you need to improve?
Nathan Collier: I think my quickness and overall speed. I will be working on my leg strength and speed this off season. What do you think of the speed, strength & conditioning facilities?
Nathan Collier: I think they are going to really nice. Definitely one of the best in college football. I'm really excited about it. How many "Pancakes" did you register last year?
Nathan Collier: We did not keep track of that stat. I kind of wish we did. What is your primary position on the offensive line?
Nathan Collier: They think I have the range for Offensive Tackle, and that is where I really like to play. There were several teammates of yours that signed their LOI to their respective Division I schools did you guys have any type of ceremony?
Nathan Collier: We just got together with our parents and took individual (family) and then a group pictures. Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights
Nathan Collier: Thank you.

Nathan should be a direct appointment to West Point. Top Stories