Interview: Rogers Thweatt

We caught up with Rogers shortly after his signing ceremony (LOI Day) and chatting with him about his decision to join the Black Knights of Army. Rogers is outstanding athlete, who is not only an outstanding WR, but could add value on special teams as both a punt and kick returner. First, let me say congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights.
Rogers Thweatt: Thank you very much Sir, I'm very excited. When speaking to your HC (Paul Cox), he indicated that you played WR/CB/PR/KR. What is your favorite position?
Rogers Thweatt: I like being on offense and I like returning punts. What position is Army recruiting you at?
Rogers Thweatt: The coaches have recruited me as a WR. Clearly this is a big day for any high school football player (playing Division I). Can you share with the Army fans your feelings about becoming a Black Knight and playing for Army?
Rogers Thweatt: Oh, I'm extremely excited. It is a rare opportunity for someone to be able to do this. I'm looking forward to doing my best, being part of the football program and the rich tradition of Army football. What is your actual size and 40 speed?
Rogers Thweatt: 5-11, 185 and my best 40 time is 4.40. Have you followed the recruiting of other players to Army?
Rogers Thweatt: No sir. What was it that convinced you that Army (West Point) was the place for you to play football?
Rogers Thweatt: I have given it a lot of thought. I chose West Point as my primary school a few years ago. When you get into West Point, you start to notice the great Army football program that they have. After speaking to Coach Therrell (who recruited Rodgers), and he got me really excited about Army football and I knew that was the place for me to play football. What adjective(s) best describes you as a football player?
Rogers Thweatt: Hmmmm? That's a good question (seconds pass before Coach Cox yells out "persistent and dedicated"). Oh yeah, persistent and dedicated (everyone laughs). What can the Army fans anticipate from you as a player?
Rogers Thweatt: Not holding anything back and giving my all.

Interception made by DB Rogers Thweatt (photo by Top Stories