Interview: Luke Pell

We caught up with Luke and chatted with him about his decision to join the Black Knights of Army.

Luke Pell, (6-1, 205) SS, 40 4.56, Burnet HS (Burnet, TX) What was the most significant factor that led you to pick Army?
Luke Pell: Athletically as far as the team goes it was that the coaching staff had proven record over at Illinois State and turning that program around. They expressed to me that they are trying to do the same at Army. I wanted to be part of that turnaround. I rather go into a place that is coming up from the ground up. The destination is not what it's all about, but the trip getting there and I wanted to be part of that… not looking for something that you are same going in and the same when you come out. I think the future is bright for the Army football program. What other schools were you hearing from and did you have any other offers?
Luke Pell: I was being recruited by Houston and TCU. Who was your host during your official visit and what did you do?
Luke Pell: I was hosted by Curt Daniels who is a sophomore. How would you describe your style of play as a football player?
Luke Pell: I'm not an overly emotional guy I play with wreak-less abandoned and a very hard hitter. When I get out there, I don't stop. You have the size to play LB or Sniper. What position are you being recruited at?
Luke Pell: Sniper. Have you followed the recruiting of other players to Army?
Luke Pell: Not a lot, but I have watched those who were with me on my official visit and from my area. But I have not followed those who are coming from other states or those playing my position Will you be coming into Army at your present weight?
Luke Pell: I'm going to try to get a little bigger (5 or 10 pounds) but I want to maintain my speed. So if there is any weight gain, I want to maintain or gain equal speed. Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights.
Luke Pell: Thank you. Top Stories