Interview: David Green

We caught up with David and chatted with him about his decision to join the Black Knights of Army. What was the most significant factor that led you to pick Army?
David Green: It was Army's recruiting. Out of all the teams, over the past two years they have been all over me. I verballed the day before signing day and they (Army) stuck with me through the recruiting process. What other schools were you hearing from and did you have any other offers?
David Green: I was being recruited by Pitt, Villanova and Richmond. How solid is your commitment to Army should Pitt (as an example) now indicate that they have a scholarship for you?
David Green: I would tell them it's too late. Army was straight with me and gave me my options, that's where I'm going, so I don't care who calls and offers now. Is there a TE in the college or professional ranks that you emulate?
David Green: I like to look at people who play and act like I do. So Frank Wycheck comes to mind. He catches a lot of balls, which I love to do How would you describe your style of play as a football player?
David Green: A lot of people get jacked up, yell and screaming. I'm a little laid back. But, I get jacked up for the game and when the game starts, I'm as jacked up as anybody if not more. What is your primary position on the offensive line?
David Green: Tight-End What is greatest experience as a football player so far?
David Green: Being picked for the East/West game and I'm a finalist for the Big33 game (Penn. Vs. Ohio All-Star game). Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights
David Green: Thank you Top Stories