Interview: Tim Dunn chatted with Tim Dunn, a talented tight end, about his recruitment to the Academy.

Tim Dunn, TE, (6-3 1/2, 250) Central Bucks West (Doylestown, PA) What was the most significant factor that led you to pick Army?
Tim Dunn: Navy, William & Mary and Army, but after I went on the Navy visit, I really liked the academies. So, I bumped W&M back one week and moved Army up. I knew that it was going to come down to one of the Academies. I went to Army the next weekend and it wasn't anything that one school had to offer over the other, but they were pretty much the same. However, it was just the feeling I had about Army. What is your actual size?
Tim Dunn: On my Navy visit they give you a physical and measured me at 6'3 1/2, 254. What do you think of Army's new speed, strength & conditioning facilities?
Tim Dunn: The Kimsey Center? Yes.
Tim Dunn: Oh man, it's unbelievable. I know you shouldn't pick a school based on the facilities, but on an official visit it was definitely plus {Tim laughs}. What is your primary position on the offensive line?
Tim Dunn: TE, and I was being recruited for defensive end at W&M and Navy. Navy doesn't really use their TE in their offense, but liked how I fired off the ball and saw me on the defensive side of the ball. Tight End is my preference, I love catching the ball. What's your 40 times like?
Tim Dunn: It's 4.7. I just started lifting again, and gained 10 pounds. I was worried that I may have gotten slower, but my time remained the same. Did you get a chance to meet and hang out with other recruits during your official visit?
Tim Dunn: There was a kid from Florida, named Barrett. Was that Barrett Scruggs?
Tim Dunn: Yes. He signed on our official visit. He and I hit it off, and I got to know him really well. Of course there's my teammate, Steve Moll, and he I will be playing together for the next 4 years, which will be cool. Did you have a signing ceremony?
Tim Dunn: Yes, I called you two minutes after we finished. The AD, my coach and Steve (Moll – another Black Knight recruit) participated in the ceremony. Well, once again congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights
Tim Dunn: Thank you. Top Stories