Interview: Miles Murray

Top OL recruit Miles Murray took time out of his afternoon to discuss his decision to join the Black Knights of Army. Nicknamed "Big Country" by fellow recruits during his official visit to Army, Miles not only brings an aggressive play to the offensive linemen corp, he is also a student of the game and a very athletic lineman. Miles has the type of ability and instinct to come in as a plebe (freshman) to contribute and add immediate depth to the offensive line.

Miles Murray, OL (6-3, 275) Tivy HS, Kerrville, TX What was the best part of the recruiting process?
Miles Murray: Probably that I signed, so I could stop getting phone calls. I really enjoyed my trip up to West Point. They treated me with great hospitality, they followed all the NCAA rules, and they didn't try to rosy up West Point too much for me. They shared with me the good and bad. They said it's all about how much you want it (West Point). I really like the honesty that was shared with me. My Army visit was my first and last official visit. Once I was there, I knew this is where I wanted to be. Plus I did not want to take an official visit elsewhere when I knew that I would be going for the sake of just taking a trip for fun. That would not be ethical. Which coach recruited you?
Miles Murray: Coach Etheridge (Harold). What was the most significant factor that led you to pick Army?
Miles Murray: There is no one significant factor. For one, I know the coaching staff cares a lot. Coach Etheridge came all the way down from NY to Texas to see me play and I only played for one half because we beat the team pretty bad. He was not allowed to talk to me (NCAA rules), but he stayed the entire game. I saw that he was taking notes and he stood there during the 4th quarter even while it was raining outside, but he did not leave. It showed me that he put me before himself, and I like that a lot. What other schools were you hearing from and did you have any other offers?
Miles Murray: University Southern California (USC), Texas El Paso & University of New Mexico. What are your individual and team goals you want to accomplish at Army?
Miles Murray: I will start with my individual goals because they are not as significant as the team goals. I want to be competitor I want to step out there and even though I'm a freshman, show that there is no fear factor and I want my presence known, no matter who I am playing against (lower or upper classmen). What about from a team aspect?
Miles Murray: All the virtues that Army talks about, Honor, Duty, United & Team and I want them to come together on the football field, combat field and in a neutral setting. When I can trust the guy on my left and right to make their block, the QB to take the snap & handoff, the RB to hit the hole without having to worry about it…. The RB is going to hit the hole, because he knows it going to be there. What are your favorite things to do away from football?
Miles Murray: I'm big into track (shot put & discus). I participated in the cross- examination debate team. I am into the theater and I love the live plays. I'm also involved in my church. Your coach (Mark Smith) described you as a "lineman with outstanding quickness and a student of the game." How do you describe yourself as a player?
Miles Murray: He is pretty accurate. Unlike many linemen, I spend a lot of time running. Although I played tackle in high school, we pulled our tackles and so I think I will fit in well with the guard position at Army (they pull their guards). In terms of being a student of the game, I would not separate myself from the team aspect, but I like to be able to study the position of linebacker & linemen on defensive. This way I will have a sense of what the player may do in certain defensive settings. What's your current height and weight and have the coaches talked to you about what kind of size they want you to come in at?
Miles Murray: They just want me to come in great shape. I'm presently at 6-3, 275. Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights of Army.
Miles Murray: I appreciate that and thank you. Top Stories