Meet DeAndre Scott

Gov Thomas Johnson High standout DeAndre Scott has one scholarship offer on the table from Central Michigan. He has also been attracting some attention from various other programs, including the service academies. Learn more inside about the 6-1, 175 pound athlete out of Frederick, Md.

Shedrick Moorer: DeAndre how did your junior season with Gov Thomas Johnson HS go last fall? 

DeAndre Scott: We ended going 8-5 last year. We lost in the semifinals to Wise High School. We fell short of our goal; winning the state championship. 

SM: Talk a little bit about your best game from a season ago. 

DS: My best game was against Patterson. Winning that game put us in the semifinal. We haven't been in the semifinals in about 2-3 years. I had four interceptions in that game. I think I broke the record for the state of Maryland. 

SM: Tell me a little bit about some of your strengths on the field as an athlete. 

DS: Being a receiver, my hands are great. I'm also strong on the defensive side of the ball. I can read receivers well, since that's my main position. I can tell when the receiver is about to come out of his breaks. I do a good job at reading the quarterback's eyes too.  

SM: What areas would you like to improve in? 

DS: I need to work on my footwork offensively and defensively. I'd like to get a lot stronger as well. 

SM: Switching gears to the recruiting front... Who are some of the schools that have been expressing interest in you as a prospect? 

DS: Cincinnati, Kansas State, Duke, NC State, Missouri, Rutgers, Army, Navy, UConn, and UCLA.  

SM: Any offers? 

DS: Yes sir, I have an offer from Central Michigan

SM: How familiar are you with the two service academy programs that have been keeping tabs on you? 

DS: I really don't know a whole lot about them. Actually my coach keeps in touch with Army and Navy a lot. 

SM: Would you be interested in learning more about them? 

DS: Yes sir, I would. 

SM: How do you feel about the service commitment? 

DS: I really don't have a problem with it. I just want the opportunity to go somewhere and play football. It really doesn't matter whether it is a service academy or not.  

SM: Do you have any trips lined up for the summer?   

DS: Yes sir. I'll be going to UCLA for a camp sometime in June. My dad and I will be flying out there. And I'll probably camp with North Carolina, NC State, Virginia, and Pitt. I may also go to Iowa and Michigan.  

SM: When are you looking to make your final decision? 

DS: Well I'll be graduating in December, and I would like enroll in the school of my choice next January. So I want to make my decision sometime during the summer, or during the early part of my senior season. 

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