Interview: Chase Laws

Chase is a very athletic QB prospect, who has a very competitive fire in his belly. Chase says, "Once I get on the field, I don't want to get off". Along with having a solid arm, he has quality speed, whereby he runs a legitimate 4.6 40. He has also demonstrated outstanding quickness in running both the double & triple option at Providence Day School. We had an opportunity to chat with Chase and get a feel from him relative to his commitment to join the Black Knights of Army.

Chase Laws, QB, (6-2) 195, Providence Day School (Charlotte, NC) When did you take your official visit and what was your experience like visiting West Point?
Chase Laws: I was up there the weekend of February 14th. I enjoyed it a lot. It was great. The whole campus in itself is amazing. I like what the football program is trying to accomplish, looking to do and turn things around. When did you commit to join the Black Knights of Army?
Chase Laws: That Sunday during my official visit. I came up with my parents and they fell in love with West Point as well Which coach recruited you?
Chase Laws: Coach Junior Smith. We hear that you are a very good athlete, has Army recruited you as an Athlete or QB?
Chase Laws: I was recruited as a QB. Please describe yourself as a player.
Chase Laws: I can roll out, sit back and throw, run the option (triple & double). What are your current height, weight & 40 speed?
Chase Laws: 6'2 1/2, 195 and run a 4.6 40. When you aren't playing football, what other things do you enjoy doing?
Chase Laws: I play Play Station (laughing), especially NCAA 2003. My friends and I have tournaments all the time. Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights.
Chase Laws: Thank you very much Sir. Top Stories