Nicholas Short Update

Nicholas is a 6-foot-2, 220 player with 4.7 forty speed that is receiving steady interest from Army, Navy and Air Force. Although Short is slated to play tight end during his senior year he may be a good fit on a service academy offensive line. Look inside to get an update on Nicholas Short.

Army- Short has been contacted by the Army coaches and invited to open a West Point admissions file. Although he is very interested in Army he says he is not ready to commit yet.

Navy- Short has communicated with Mids assistant coach Tony Grantham. Grantham came to Brandeis high school and met with Short and the three other Brandeis team captains, "It was a nice visit and I learned some about Naval Academy."

Air Force- He's received just two letters including one from head coach Tim Calhoun but nothing more than that. He's looking forward to hearing more from the Air Force staff.

Others- Short has decided that the Ivy League schools are not a good fit for him so he will not be attending their camps. Short recently attended a mini-camp at Rice and may camp at Houston as well. He is also registered for a University of Texas- San Antonio camp that will be held in mid-July. Top Stories