The Latest On Parrish Gaines

Smyrna High School wide receiver prospect Parrish Gaines has been receiving attention from a number of FBS schools early on. However, four of them in particular have been a little more persistent than the others. Get the latest details inside on the talented 2011 prospect out of Smyrna, Tenn.

Shedrick Moorer: So Parrish, how has the recruiting process been treating you so far?

Parrish Gaines: It's been going pretty good so far.

SM: How many offers do you have on the table currently?

PG: Currently I don't have any offers on the table. But I have been hearing from quite a few schools.

SM: Which programs have been hearing from?

PG: Brown University, Vanderbilt, Army, and Navy are the four big ones right now.

SM: Have you been able to establish much of a dialogue with any of the coaches from the four schools you just named?

PG: I've talked with all the coaches in person, except for the ones at Brown. But I did get talk to them (Brown) over the phone.

SM: What have college coaches actually been saying to you in regards to what you bring to the table as a student-athlete?

PG: All of them have been saying that they all like how I go and get the ball. All of them say I have good grades as well.

SM: What were your stats on last season?

PG: I had around 30 catches for about 300 yards, and scored 2 touchdowns.

SM: Will you be attending any camps this summer?

PG: Yes sir, I plan to camp with Vanderbilt sometime in July. That's about all I have planned for now. Top Stories