Interview II: Cason Shrode

Cason is a package of speed, power & potential, who already has the physical tools to play at the Division I level. We look for the 6-3 222 linebacker, who will continue to grow physically, to compete for quality playing time this year for the Black Knights of Army. plans extensive coverage of Cason.

We hope to give subscribers a better chance to get to know Cason and to follow him through his football preparation leading up to his departure to West Point this summer. Cason was kind enough to connect with us while on his spring break in Florida.

Here is the second installment:

Cason Shrode
LB, 6-3, 222
Irving HS (Irving, TX)
Recruiting Class of 2003 So what is new Cason since the last time we talked?
Cason Shrode: I've been working out and running, getting ready for next season. Tell me a little of what you are feeling about the upcoming football season. What do you expect? Anticipations?
Cason Shrode: I'm not necessarily anticipating starting. If I do, that would be great, but I want to make a name for myself. Last time we spoke, you indicated that you weighed 222. Is that your present weight and what weight do you want to come in at?
Cason Shrode: I'm at 220 now, and I expect to come in at about 225. Have you already started your "Black Knight" workout?
Cason Shrode: Yes, I have started the Army Football workout and it's butt kicker. Do you see yourself as more of a run stopper or more of a blitzing type of linebacker?
Cason Shrode: I considered myself more of a blitzer, although I have no problem stopping the run. I just happen to like blitzing. What number would you like to wear at Army?
Cason Shrode: Either #6 or #37. Why #6?
Cason Shrode: I just like how #6 looks and #37 was my high school number. Have you chosen a field of study yet?
Cason Shrode: I'm thinking about Business. What's your favorite movie? Last movie you went to see?
Cason Shrode: Training Day with Denzel Washington, that was pretty intense. Outside of football, what part of West Point life are you most looking forward to?
Cason Shrode: Basically the leadership I'll get and the camaraderie with the other cadets. I look forward to speaking to you again, and don't forget, Go Army, Beat Navy.
Cason Shrode: Thank you, same here and yeah, Go Army, Beat Navy! Top Stories