Interview II: Nathan Collier

At 6-6, 320, simply put, Nathan Collier is a huge young man. Throw in Jonathan Connon, 6-4, 295 (USMAPS) and the Black Knights have two promising & nice size bookend offensive tackles for the future. Not only did Nathan excel on the field, but also being named to the Texas High School Coaches Association Class 4A Academic All-State Football team reflects his dedication in the classroom.

OL, Nathan Collier,

6-6, 320

Stephenville HS (Stephenville, TX) 

Here's our second installment of conversations with Nathan, as we continue to look at Army's recruiting class of 2003. Do you have any pre-conceptions of West Point?

Nathan Collier: "I'm just really excited about the chance to go there. I ‘m looking forward playing football at Army & getting a great education, which was one of things that really attracted me to West Point." Name a person that you admire or respect and why?

Nathan Collier: "I really admire my parents. Especially my dad, who grew-up with very little money, as well as my mother. He went out there and got two Masters, a doctorate degree and really made something of himself." When we last spoke, you indicated that you were 320 pounds. What is your current weight?

Nathan Collier: "I'm at 310. I started running and losing a little bit and want to come in at about 300. I don't want to lose to much." Aside from football, what was the last sporting event that you attended?

Nathan Collier: "A track meet. I'm throwing shot put for our school's track team. I haven't done that since the 8th grade". Looking back over the last four years, what is your favorite memory?

Nathan Collier: "The Stephenville vs. Brownwood game during my senior year. We won with a field goal in the last seconds of the game. We always play in front of thousands of folks and they are our biggest rival." Who was your sports hero growing up?

Nathan Collier: "I would have to say Michael Jordan. I like how he dominated, no matter how old he was or who he was playing against. ". Are there any TV shows you make certain you watch regularly?

Nathan Collier: "I watch ESPN a lot and I like anything on the History Channel." If I were to look into your CD player right now, what CD would I find?

Nathan Collier: Probably a burned CD (we both laugh) Have a great spring and summer.

Nathan Collier: Thank you. Top Stories